Getting down and dirty


Getting down and dirty with the girls!

My second mud run experience, and my mom and her friends mud run cherry pop!

The survivor mud run was incredibly fun! Its been almost 2 months since we survived but I thought it still deserved to go up.

Now this was my second mud run and let me tell you… It doesn’t get easier. Mind you this mud run had obsticals (nothing crazy like the Sparta) but still kicked my ass! I went with my mom and her two friends Carrie and Barbara. Quick side note… I am very much a hermit and don’t have a lot of friends, so my mom’s friends are my friends!

So me and my mom were in charge of getting everyones bib’s

And what a way to start! We got lost… Couldn’t find the Sports Authority ANYWHERE!

Eventually we did and unfortunately… I’m not 21 yet so they ripped of my beer tab… Notice how its missing from my bib.


 This is my mommy! She’s been my inspiration to run again (in moderation obviously)
I only wore a sports bra, booty shorts, and old running shoes because I knew I would not want to be dragged down with extra mud collecting in my clothes. Good thing I did too!

So despite being underage… We were able to get sneaky and get my into the beer garden for a cold crappy beer… I don’t really think it was worth it.

The whole experince was fun. I would totally do it again in a heart beat… Maybe exclude the awful tan I got from my shorts.


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