Top 10 Gym Pet Peeves


If there is one thing I hate most, it has to be POOR GYM ETIQUETTE!

  1. Grunting. Now I realize those weights are heavy but we don’t need to hear your sex noises. I was taught in dance that you must internalize your pain. What you present on the exterior should look effortless.
  2. Hogging. You know, these people who like to use that one machine… *cough* squat rack *cough* for the ENTIRE time they’re at the gym.
  3. I squat the curl rack. Well really the opposite… those people who use the squat rack to do bicep curls or rows…. it’s called a SQUAT rack for a reason!
  4. Put that thing back, or so help me! There are assigned spots for those dumbbells you just left in the middle of the gym for someone to trip over.
  5. Gang Rape. That group of guys that just so happen to make their way behind you when you decided to wear your sexy booty shorts. BYE FELICIA!
  6. Selfies. Just because you took a picture of yourself at the gym, does not mean you worked out. You actually have to DO something!
  7. *BANG* If you can’t put the weights down without any control and it sounds like someone has been shot…maube you should lift lighter. Picking up the heavy ass weights is only half the battle.
  8. I can see your vagina. We all know those girls with camel toes, the guys with the tight pants, crop tops, and plastic bags… There is a saying “Just because you CAN, doesn’t mean you SHOULD”
  9. Children, kids, and young teens. There really should be an age limit for people to use gym machines or even be on the gym floor. Some places its 16… which is still young in my opinion…But even more disturbing are 10 year olds trying to curl 20lbs! That seriously dangerous!
  10. THEY DON”T EVEN GO HERE! Oh yes, the “New Year’s resolution-ers” They flood into any gym in sight and proceed to hog equipment, give useless advice, and make your life a living hell for about 3 months.


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