Daily Lunch-time Cardio


Come walk with me on my lunch break!

So in order to avoid crazy amounts of running, which I try to avoid at all costs, I usually take daily walks during my lunch hour. I do eat lunch, but I don’t feel like sitting on my butt for a whole hour.
I usually take 10 minutes out of my lunch to eat, and then rest is dedicated to walking a mile and a half around the local neighborhood. Working a desk job it also let’s me get up and stretch my legs. Sometimes I’ll get my grandma to come with me! (she works at the same animal shelter as me)
Cardio of any sort is important. As much as I hate to admit it, it’s useful in aiding with fat loss. But I really hate to run. After running a Half Marathon, my body just refuses to cooperate when I try running leisurely. My hips and knees usually take the grunt of it. I stretch and drink water but the pain really isn’t worth the calorie burn.

Walking is proven to be just as effective as running, but burns calories at a slower rate than running does. Scientifically, human bodies were not meant to run miles on end. We were built to walk a thousand miles and run short bursts when in danger. And it makes sense! I’m not trying to look frail and skinny. I want to look strong and fit!


Most of my blog ideas come to me when I’m out on a walk. It’s nice to think to myself and get all my thoughts out (well within the walls of my mind) without being distracted by other people on their lunch break if I were to stay in the office. It’s just “me-time” and it really does help me get through the working day.

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