Halloween 2014

Halloween at Disneyland because that’s what all the grown ups do!

Happy Halloween everyone! This year I spent Halloween with this handsome man at Disneyland and California Adventures. All my family was out-of-town for the festivities, and I was left alone to celebrate the day of the dead by myself. My mom and step-dad decided to take a trip to the Dominican Republic for their 10 year anniversary. But I didn’t mind, I had fun drinking beers and riding rides.
This is Mr. Ryan Jeralds. He kept me company on my favorite holiday this year. He actually got an annual pass because of me. To my surprise, it actually started raining! It was nice having that eerie weather paired with a creepy holiday.
I decided to be Wednesday Addams for Halloween. I was Tate Langdon for a party the previous weekend but I really didn’t feel like plastering on the face paint.


We were able to go on 3 rides, including Ryan’s favorite Tower of Terror. We also had a bet going to see how many Elsa costumes we’d see. I think we lost count at 21 after 2 beers… But the best costume of the night had to go to this kid… Tron Boy. The runner-up was a gender bent Star Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy.
I hope everyone’s Halloween was just as fun and pleasant as mine. Now, time to enjoy Christmas being shoved in my face by all major retailers!

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