A Mother is a Daughter’s Best Friend


I can’t take all the credit for my achievements.

My mom has been my biggest motivation from the very begining. Ever since I was young, she was always teaching me how to be healthy and make good choices when it comes to my health as well as life decisions. But more recently she has motivated me to get my butt back into running.

mom2With her weightloss journey, she managed to lose a hefty amount of weight which was really impressive! Mainly because she was running her ass off! She was running miles and miles on end. 5k’s, 10k’s, and even some Half Marathon!

I was still being lazy at this point. Just sitting around, eating my weight in chorizo burritos and watching tons of t.v.

But that changed when I found out the worst…

momMy mom had a tumor. A Desmoid Tumor. I nearly lost my mind when she told me what the doctor had found. Why did this happen to such an amazing woman? A woman that has worked so hard to get her life back in control.

She scheduled surgery to have the tumor removed right after my birthday and before her next upcoming Half Marathon. It was a tough time for all of us but my mom suffered the most. She couldn’t do any sort of physical activity for about 2 months. She couldn’t run or even lift 15 pounds. It broke my heart to see her stay at home while her friends ran the Half Marathon.

As time crept on, she was determined to get back to running. She eventually asked me “Do you want to run a half marathon with me?” And as crazy as it sounds I said YES! Now, she couldn’t run at her full potential because the area from surgery was still painful. However, that didn’t stop her one bit. She convinced my Grandma to walk/run the OC Half Marathon with her while I ran for her honor.

halfIt was mine and my grandma’s very first half marathon. We started training late but we still kicked some ass. My mom really pushed my grandma to finish. She kept her going when she was ready to throw in the towel.


What an accoplishment this was for all of us. It was hard, sweaty, and painful but we all did it. And celebrated with some bomb ass beer. (unlike the mud run’s budlight)
My mom eventually got back into the swing of things and started running normal again. Making long 5 mile runs on a weekday seem like a breeze. She kick started my fitness journey and I got back into running (eventually getting tired) and then start weight lifting. But even though we have taken to different types of fitness, we still find time to run 5k’s and go on sunday hikes together. Check out her blog!




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