Iron Deficiency


I suffer from an iron deficiency, and it sucks.

Ever since I was little I have had low iron that’s caused me somewhat of a hassle now into adulthood. There are many causes for an Iron deficiency: blood loss, pregnancy, lack of iron in diets, and inability to absorb iron.

Now ruling out that I am DEFINITELY not pregnant, and nor am I bleeding out profusely… I have determined the culprit. I eat dark leafy greens as much as possible as well as sneak in a steak or two a week. But my body just can’t absorb the iron. I have talked to my doctor and they have recommended that I take Iron pills to try to compensate… but sometimes it just doesn’t seem enough.

Suffering from low iron can result in moderate to severe fatigue, cold hands and feet, weakness, dizziness or headaches, and shortness of breath. Now these are the symptoms that I currently suffer with.

There are also other symptoms that can occur with iron deficiencies such as: pale skin (I’m extremely tan so I don’t count this) chest pain, frequent infections (I used to get sick ALL the time but the worst this year was bronchitis) Inflammation or soreness of your tongue, brittle nails, fast heartbeat, unusual cravings for non-nutritive substances, such as ice, dirt or starch, and restless legs syndrome.

I exercise regularly and I (for the most part) get enough sleep which shouldn’t cause me to be so tired. But I am. Some days are better than others but sometimes I am just a hot mess. I’m exhausted and nothing seems to help. It begins to make me feel depressed and that’s even worse.

I have tried to give blood in the past, before I got tattoos, and I was turned down every time because my iron was too low. Now that I think about it… I’m glad I wasn’t able to give blood. I have an irrational fear of hypodermic needles!

Just thought I would post about an “illness” I suffer from. It’s hard but it’s not the end of the world. Mr. Ryan Jeralds takes care of me and cooks me steak more often. I can’t complain with that!


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