Gym Must Haves!

Must Haves!

One can never be too prepared for an evening at the gym!

1. Kohl’s Tek Gear Yoga Capris ~$20.00
I love these bottoms. I got a small and they fit perfectly snug and hug my booty curves! The waist comes up a fair height which makes these good for squat day! I love the length too. I’ve always felt the most comfortable in capri’s than any other length (no worrying over shorts riding up or having chicken legs with full length leggings)

2. Nike Free 1.0 Cross Bionic ~$95.00
I bought these shoes because I HATE wearing running shoes to weight lift in. Too much air in the sole and just plain bulky. So I bought these through the Nike website and I absolutely LOVE these shoes! I got a 1/2 size smaller and they fit like a glove. Very thin sole and perfect for an average weightlifting  or cross training day. Also good for deadlifts/squats because you are in much closer contact with the ground which gives you better foundation.

3. Kohls Tek Gear Razer Back ~$17.00
Now this tank isn’t what I normally wear because the length is a little on the short side and likes to slide up. But I do wear this on occasion. I couldn’t find a picture of the usual tank top I wear, it may be possibly discontinued. But I opt for tanks that fit snug, have a built-in bra and are extremely long. I have a long torso and with a lot of moving around I don’t want to be constantly pulling down my shirt.

4. VS Knockout Sports Bra ~$56.00
BEST INVESTMENT EVER!! Nothing is worse than taking off a sweaty sports bra! Luckily The Knockout is a front close sports bra! It feels great to just unzip, unclasp and be free! It has a built-in lined/underwire bra which I enjoy because I like to still have boobs when I work out and not look like a total boy at the gym. The straps are also adjustable which is a plus! VS makes sizes that accommodate to cup size…not a “one-size-fits-all”

5. Nalgene 24 oz Tritan On the Go Water Bottle ~$9.00
This I actually stole from my mom. She hated this water bottle and I used it one day and fell in love with it. It’s really simple. The top untwists to a wide mouth, great when for dumping ice or pre-workout in. The top has a smaller mouth opening, mimicking a normal water bottle. I hate those super small sippy-style bottles, I like to drink my water all at once thank you!

6. iPod Shuffle ~$50.00
Got this specifically for the gym. I am not one of those girls that check the Instagram or Facebook at the gym in between sets. Nor do I take a million selfies. All my music is on my shuffle. The only downside may be the fact that I can’t see, there is no display. Nor can I pick and choose a song. It’s on forever shuffle. But it’s alright, it’s always a surprise!

7. Gym Towel ~5.00
Probably costs less than $5 but I just guessed. This is probably the best item to take to a gym but gets the least amount of notice or credit. I hate getting sweat in my eyes or on the equipment. A simple towel has never been more essential. No one wants to touch a sweaty bench or mat. I always put my towel down where I know I’ll get sweaty and my skin might come in contact with equipment.

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