Why Harry Potter changed my life


Let me admit to one thing… I am a huge nerd!

I am proud to say that I am 120% a huge and complete utter NERD! I grew up loving all kinds of “nerdish” things. Which is strange because my family isn’t too nerdy. My uncle is probably the only one in the family that like Star Wars… So I have no idea where my fascination with fantasy, sci-fi, and fiction comes from.

Now I may or may not get my “geek-card” revoked because I have not read all the Harry Potter books yet. I have seen all the movies about 1,200 times over…But I still have yet to finish the second Harry Potter book. BUT in my defense…I LOVE the movies sooo much, I think I’ll love the books all the more! And as of right now, I do.

Now I don’t remember ever seeing the first few movies in theatres. But I did wait in a 6 hour line to see the premiere of Deathly Hallows part 2. Now that’s was one hell of a day. Anyway, as a kid I watched Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone every night for 2 years (give or take) I had a VHS copy (when they still existed) and would come home after school and play it on my portable TV with a built-in VHS… Good god do I sound old! I kid-you-not, I can recite every single word from that movie even down to violently screeching the opening song, Hedwig’s Theme. I was fixated on that movie desperately wishing that that world was true.

I had a good childhood, great actually. When it came to my family. However at school, I was always made fun of for liking nerdy things. Fairytales, Anime, Manga… I tried to make the best out of my school days and tried to put up with mean kids. But I just never felt it was good enough. Hogwarts seemed so much…MORE. Yea there was bullying in those movies and those 3 misfits never seemed to fit in… It inspired me and taught me that you don’t need to fit in to be accepted. Some people will come to accept you and even like you for what you are. Maybe they even might like the same things you like.

The Harry Potter series taught me a lot of stuff that I use even now. It’s taught me to stand for whats morally right versus what’s easy. I learned that it’s ok to be a little different because a confident person needs not to fit in. My past doesn’t define me as a good or bad person, but what I choose to become makes me who I am.

I always thought Hermoine was the best character from Harry Potter. But really, I love them all. I connect with each character. Hermoine because I love to learn and to be knowledgable. Harry because though I didn’t have a great past, I’ve chosen to learn and be good. Ron because even though things are scary and frightening, I can be brave too. Luna because being different is ok if I am the one who is happy. Neville because I am dedicated and obsessed with things most people find weird, but I still enjoy it. I can relate my personality with every single one of the characters from Harry Potter. And I think that is why I am so “obsessed” with the movies and books. I feel complete because of J.K. Rowlings masterpiece.

Not everyone connects with Harry Potter, and that’s ok. Everyone has something that they can relate to. May it be a painting, or a play, even another person. I just so happen to strongly feel a wholeness to Harry Potter and these wonderfully written fictional characters.


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