Personally I like to work out solo… however some days I just have no motivation and need a little help.

Working out with a buddy can really help when your feeling a lack motivation. Yes I have a tendency to enjoy my solo gym session but from time to time it’s nice to have someone there encouraging you to push harder. It also is nice to have someone there to block wandering eyes from finding their way to your butt…I mean, what girl wants to be gawked at while she’s beasting it squatting 135lbs?  I usually go with Mr. Ryan Jeralds, well he creeps on me then offers to spot me. On days where I’m squatting or doing deadlifts, he really knows how to make a girl comfortable.

I sometimes go with my mom and I’m usually teaching her a new technique with weight lifting because she’s more the runner. I make her feel more at ease because I know when I first started lifting, walking past those super buff meat-heads, was a bit intimidating. With me around, she’s more confident and I like to see the guys reaction when we lift the heavy shit… Not those “girly” 5 pound bow ties.

However, here are a few things to take into consideration when working out with a buddy.


  • Motivation becomes the Distraction. Catching up on the latest gossip can become problematic. It’s easy to get caught up in a good conversation but remember you’re there to work and other people are waiting for their turn on the machine you’re on.
  • Pushing yourself vs. overworking yourself. As much as you wanna show off  how much weight you can lift or how long you can run before needing a break… calm down! You wanna be mindful of what you’re doing and be consistent with your technique.


  • MOTIVATION! That’s what they’re there for! Someone to keep your head in the game and focused on your goals.
  • Security. Having someone workout with you can make you feel safe and confident. There is strength in numbers. Especially if all the meat heads are hogging the equipment and benches!
  • You’ll actually go! It’s easy to convince yourself  that you can “skip today” But making plans to work out with someone, you won’t want to cancel on them. I know I hate flaky people!

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