Rest & Relax

Even Wonder Woman needs a break every once in a while.

So it’s been about a week since I last hit the gym. I know it sounds like I’m slacking or losing motivation…but I’m actually just tired. Not of working out, but in general. I’ve been feeling under the weather in recent days and my body just doesn’t feel up for an hour and half gym session.

When I go to the gym I want to be at my 100% best. If not better! This is important because if your head is foggy and your body is weak, your more likely to have an injury. As important as exercising is, rest is just as equally as important. Now some people may not agree with taking an entire week off from the gym, but I feel that is perfectly fine. BUT you should still be getting your body moving.
What I mean is not to just lay in front of the television all day long and mindlessly eat away the day. No. I am saying to still be active and go for a stroll or (as I did) go window shopping! Over the weekend, I went to the mall and almost literally went into every store and just walked around. Yeah I wasn’t running a marathon or busting out 135lb squats, but I was keeping my body active.

Also something to keep in mind when taking rest days or weeks in my case, WATCH YOUR DIET! Just because your resting your body physically doesn’t mean you should fall back to old habits. You shouldn’t be eating junk food or just eating all day out of boredom.
Usually when I take rest days, I eat much less than I normally would if I was planning on going to the gym. But with that being said, if you’re hungry…EAT. Listen to your body, I’m not telling you to stop eating all together. With less activity I’m just not as hungry. Now I could eat an entire box of cereal but my body is content with just an apple.

That is the key to rest days. Listening to what your body needs. For me, this week off has been pretty nice. I push myself so hard when I go to the gym that it was time for a break. And just out of curiosity, I hopped on the scale this morning… Lost myself a good 4 pounds. And didn’t lift a single weight or run any length of time!


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