Living Eco-Friendly

I have taken the responsible step into the Eco-Friendly lifestyle. Living On a beautiful Earth surrounded by an ugly world… I wanted to make a change in my own personal life.

My small steps can lead to big changes that are positive and beneficial for both me and the Earth. Now for me, this hasn’t been an overnight transition. But I have been taking small steps for a while. Saying “No” to plastic at stores (especially if I only have one item), slowly replacing plastic containers to glass or fabric.
But I’m getting ready for the new year and making bigger transitions to an eco-friendly lifestyle. Trash is for Tossers is an incredible blog about a 20-something that lives trash free and is extremely environmentally conscious.
I have been living such a wasteful life. I thought I’ve been living semi environmentally friendly… But boy was I wrong! Just within the past few weeks, cleansing my apartment… I’ve thrown away so much plastic and non biodegradable trash. I feel so bad!
Since this isn’t an immediate transition, I’m still using items that are technically harmful to the planet. But as I’m slowly weaning off the trashy life, I’m replacing products with healthy, Eco friendly, and homemade alternatives.
Here is a list of things I have changed in my life:

  1. Use reusable bags instead of plastic bags
  2. Swapped tupper-ware for mason jars (which I’ve always loved and collected  anyway)
  3. Bringing personal metal utensils rather than plastic work offered utensils
  4. Buy food in bulk or fresh that are not packaged
  5. Reuse paper as wrapping paper (holiday season after all)
  6. Use cloth towels instead of paper towels
  7. Use various oils instead of commercial products
  8. Recycle paper at work (we have a special recycle guy that picks up or need-to-shred / recycle documents)

Now what I need to start getting done is:

  1. Making my own health/beauty products
  2. Buying locally only
  3. Replace cleaning products with natural alternatives
  4. Replace most/all plastic products (ie: toothbrush, hangers, cutting board)
  5. Bring personal cups for Starbucks and other coffee cafes 🙂
  6. Recycle, Freecycle, Reuse as much as possible
  7. Cook more often
  8. Buy less packaged goods, well buy less in general!




I have recently disgarded “ALL” of my plastic from my apartment. When I say all, I mean the everyday items that I could donate or freecycle. I still have some products and items that are plastic or wrapped in plastic but I don’t want to be wasteful and dump out anything before I use it.



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