Realistic Resolutions


It’s that time of year again and that means people setting all sorts of unrealistic goals and resolutions.
I am going to lose (x) amount of weight once and for all!
I’m never eating sugar again
I swear to run 3 miles everyday this year

Like SERIOUSLY ? Those goals are entirely bogus and just harmful! I’ve never been one to set these kinds of goals for a new year. Heck I usually don’t jump on the bandwagon till mid august! Now I admit I have been a hermit this past holiday season but I don’t feel guilty nor bad about myself and my body. I have actually been able to accept my body and my imperfections.

Did I eat that extra cookie? Yes. Did I skip out on the gym? Yes. But did I die? lol No! And that’s what’s so great about our bodies. I still consider myself an active gym rat, but realistically…I’m human! But I besides the occasional cookie and burger, my boyfriend and I have been influencing each other to make healthy choices. He fortunately got a blender for Christmas and has made a green smoothie for us and his family everyday since. We’re both fairly healthy and active people but an extra *oomph* never hurt anyone. I’m proud of him for acknowledging and following my footsteps towards a waste free and plastic free life. He bought a reusable grocery bag for store visits, he’s been my right hand man when it comes to tackling the farmers market, and he’s slowly switching to using glass or ceramic instead of using disposable kitchen ware. Baby steps are better than no steps!

I also have other goals that I want to achieve. I want to start reading, drawing, and sewing again. I want to take trips to cities I have never been to before. I want to eat healthy and avoid processed foods. I want to take time to relax and meditate my mind. Now this doesn’t mean I’m going to skip out on activities all together. I actually want to start running again…as much as I hate it. But mainly to avoid the “Resolution-ers” (I hate crowds of people) Also to get outside more and enjoy the “fresh” air. I have been cooping myself up indoors for too long, including when I go to the gym. I need that vitamin-d! Well as much as I can in these winter months. Running is also a way to clear my head and thoughts. Which Is a nice, active way to stay sane.
I also want to start getting in touch with family and friends I’ve lost contact with. Try to rekindle relationships with loved ones because they might be the only ones there for you when times get tough.

Take time to sit down and really think about what you want to achieve in the upcoming year. Don’t make empty promises to others and more importantly, yourself. New beginnings should be about you and your well-being, not to impress or be accepted by society.

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