Yoga for hippies?

If you were once naïve like me you probably would assume that yoga and meditation was kept within the hippie culture. As I’ve grown up and learned more about different ways to exercise and take care of my body, I’ve learned that Yoga is for anyone and EVERYONE!

So as I mentioned in a previous post, I have been seriously lagging on my gym sessions. I did start a little fitness group at my work but it immediately got shot down because of liability… Bummer. But I guess I understand because I did start feeling pain in my hip and knees… But that’s another story. I may only be 21 but I have an 81 year olds body… Let me rephrase that. I have a LOT of physical pain from my history of accidents, dancing, and vigorous sports activity as a kid and adolescent. But anyway, while working out in my little fitness group, we were using P90x videos. And one of those videos was a “Yoga X” disc. We never got to that disc but I did end up taking it with me and trying it at home.
Boy was I impressed! I have heard mixed reviews about the P90x Yoga and some say it’s not the best disc you can watch to get into yoga… mainly because some of the poses are more advanced. But even so I was hooked! With most of the poses working on stretching and lengthening, it really helped my hips and knees. I used to always stretch when I was in dance and sports, but I would always restrict my breathing. When going through the Yoga video, I actually had to breathe and feel what was going on internally. Something I wasn’t worried about previously. I was only focused on trying to get limber and flexible fast!
Now I’m still a beginner but I’d say I’m more flexible than the average person and I still felt challenged when synchronizing with the instructor. I did go on YouTube another night to find some yoga videos and came across an account that I fell in love with. Yoga with Adriene. I actually got my boyfriend to join me and let me tell you, I’ve never seen him sweat that much…and he goes to the gym EVERYDAY!
I don’t think I’ll join a class or go in a group. Why? Well for me yoga is about finding yourself and listening to your body. I don’t want to be surrounded by people who may or may not be there just for the competition and body comparing. I’m not saying everyone does this! But I don’t want to be exposed to that. I want to see how much I grow by myself and not compare myself to others. So I’m quite ok with listening to a video in the privacy of my own company. And sometimes my boyfriend. And I’ll post my journey from time to time.


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