New Orleans Recap

New Orleans Trip Recap!

Let me tell you, that New Orleans trip came and went in the blink of an eye! I already want to go back and explore more of the things that I missed this second time around.


For example… I hardly took ANY pictures! I was dedicating most of my poor iPhone storage for video clips to make a full 3 minute montage of the trip. As sad as it sounds, I did manage to snap a few shots here and there… most of which are of my handsome boyfriend, Mr. Ryan Jeralds.


What a lovely model isn’t he?

Travelling to New Orleans for a second time was such a wonderful experience. I got to immerse myself in the culture, food, and especially nightlife since I am officially legal! However that being said, I only got carded 3 times out of nearly a week of drinking ALL DAY!

The day of our “Pub Crawl” in my opinion, was the funnest day out of the trip. Learning about the history of the city. Our tour guide telling us some scary stories behind some of the building as well as cracking a few jokes about the ghosts that have yet to lay to rest.




Bourban street was POPPIN! Lights, bars, clubs, strip clubs… and it just went on and on. Bar, strip club, bar, strip club, random restaurant, strip club. Half naked women everywhere. And other questionable people doing equally questionable activities.


And these bad boys! Holy grail of doughnuts! Beignets are probably the best damn pastry I have ever eaten. Doesn’t even compare to Disneyland’s sad excuse for a fluffy pastry. These are the BEEZ-KNEEZ!


And of course some more model pictures in front of a HUGE cemetery.



Me and the boyfriend are already planning our next trip. We’re having withdrawals from being on vacation for so long. Next on the list… San Fransisco!


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