Nickitea joins the Bad Yogi army!


Watch out! I’m back in the gym! Well.. sort of. I went for the first time in about…3 months. *EEK!* However I’m still being active. Yoga, walks, Disneyland trips, yoga, walks, and more yoga!

So I finally got my butt in the gym the other day and I realized how much I HATE and LOVE it at the same time.

First off, traffic. Unfortunately I don’t live nor work close to a gym or at least the gym I go to. The “closest” gym is about 3 miles away. I know that doesn’t sound far at all. But when I’m in a workout mood and pumped…nothing is worse than bad drivers, idiotic pedestrians, and unjust traffic lights to put a damper on my uppity mood. A simple 5-10 minute drive turns into a emotional road rage tantrum lasting 20-30 minutes. And by then I’m just done.

Luckily I had my wonderful boyfriend to motivate me. He mainly just wanted a workout buddy and possibly gawk at the booty 😉

But as soon as we worked out and I was able to get out my anger, I felt so much better. I missed that feeling of being sore and exhausted from a hard workout session. It didn’t take much at all for me to start feeling “it.” Not going to the gym really has taken its toll.

But I haven’t completely stopped being active. Like I said in a previous post, I have taken up Yoga. And it has been my holy grail of workouts. Because I’m cheap and anti-social… I still haven’t joined a class. But I have been researching like crazy, watching countless videos, reading articles, and finding numerous sites the are dedicated to Yoga and the yogi community. I think I found the next best person aside from Adriene. Erin Motz and her Bad Yogi way of life!

I have completely rethought what it means to be a yogi and incorporate yoga into my life as I see fits best. Her idea of yoga is based on loose structure and finding what works for you. Not trying to fit this idea of perfect rules and a strict way of practicing yoga. Now she still focuses on the importance of proper form when it comes to poses but if you can’t touch your toes or do a back bend…and like to eat pizza… GO RIGHT AHEAD!

At first I was intimidated by yoga; one, because I didn’t understand and then because I was afraid of how strict it was going to be. But when I found Erin and her awesome blog I realized, I can do yoga! I can do it whenever I want. However I want. And as often as I want. It’s my body and isn’t that why I started this anyway!? I love to eat, and I love to work out. I can have my cake and eat it too! I still may never sign up for a class but I definitely feel more comfortable practicing yoga on my own time. To my own pace. I watch videos from time to time but I have been enjoying creating my own practices to cater to my needs and what I want to focus on.


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