Finding your balance


Yes another yoga post but I just can’t get enough of it. It’s really helped me gain control and tune into my body. I’m by no means a professional yogi/teacher. But in these past few weeks alone, I have noticed changes and improvement on my focus, balance, flexibility and strength.

I still go to the gym about once maybe twice a week, usually to work on my legs or do some cardio. This past gym trip, I was waiting for the hack squat machine and I noticed a young woman on it that was about half my size and 5 inches shorter than me. She was squatting 6 45lb plates… And I was completely blown away! I was only squatting 1-2 plates. But then I realized at one point I was squatting close to 8 plates before taking on yoga. However I am beginning to build strength internally… If that makes any sense.

I am building strength using my own body weight. Really trying to be in control of every limb when I’m holding a pose. Remembering to breathe and not constrict my muscles.

Now I wasn’t trying to compare myself to her in a negative way at all. I was actually quite impressed with her small stature and that she could lift that weight. But I also remembered that strength comes in all sorts of ways. If you’ve ever seen that video of the professional arm wrestler wrestle the giant body builder…well here is the link. Practically a scene from the famous story of David and Goliath. Basically everyone has different strength dependent on how you work out and your fitness regimen.

When I was strength training and lifting weights more days than not, YES I was strong. Yes I had built up a lot of muscle. But if you asked me to try and do a handstand… well you were the crazy one. I could lift 60lb barbell to do push-jerks no problem… but nowhere near the type of strength and focus needed to do a handstand.

Yoga can be a challenge just like any other type of physical activity. It just requires a different type of muscle and mental strength building. Everything takes time and to see progress one must be patient. Enjoy the journey.

These past weeks, I love being active again. Practicing yoga most days, taking small trips to the gym with the boyfriend, and finding time to rest and regain myself. There should be a balance with everything. Once you listen to your body and really tune in on what it needs, you’ll see a vast improvement in all parts of your life.


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