Happy (late) Valentines day!

Small disclosure… I am NOT a Valentines Day girl. Never really appreciated the holiday. I mean why do people need a holiday to express their feelings or love to someone they care about? But that’s not the point. Even hating the holiday, it went pretty nicely. Woke up to my handsome boyfriend. He made me and his family a waffle and egg breakfast. We talked and gossiped about people we know that probably aren’t taking the holiday well.

But what came as a real surprise was my present from the love of my life. First it was a cheesecake…which is my favorite dessert aside from lemon pie. I couldn’t have been happier with that. He knew I wasn’t too big for Valentine’s Day to begin with. However I had been dropping half-hearted hints about a Tiffany necklace. I’ve wanted one since I was a teenager. But in my head I knew I was only kidding, I mean we’ve been traveling a lot lately and I knew that a Tiffany necklace wasn’t realistic.
But lo-and-behold, he pulls out that signature blue bag! And my first instict??? CRY MY FLIPPING EYES OUT! I tried taking a picture but I was so caught up in the moment it resulted in this…


Never did I think I was ever going to get such a beautiful necklace. Nor did I think I would ever be blessed with such a loving man in my life that would go and make me happy in a way I least expected. The necklace is a very thoughtful gift, but I think what’s more important than that is having Ryan in my life and being so content and happy with my life as every day passes.

After a day of relaxation and 4 2hour naps…(I was so tired for some reason) Ryan and I decided to go to the horse races! Strange maybe, but I have never been and Ryans friend is a horse jockey…and you know, the only obvious thing to do is bet on your friend to win!

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