Me, Myself & My Mason Jars

Finally free of the plastic and it feels SO GOOD! Since I transitioned to a greener, more eco-friendly lifestyle and totally dumping (not really) my plastic Tupperware, I feel loads better about the difference I’m individually making to the Earth. I have always had a “thing” for mason jars. I loved how they looked and I would collect a lot of them… But this is when I was still making harmful choices in terms of the environment. I clung to plastics because of the convenience not realizing how much trash I was producing and contributing to the harmful waste that litters our planet. I just saw mason jars as accessories or décor. Now, they are my new best friends…probably my only! Jk. I cannot live without my mason jars!

I’ve found SO many uses for them other than just decorating. I actually use them for storing food now. I use them for leftovers and prep-meals. I use them as containers for my homemade bath and beauty products. I even use them to grocery shop! But let me tell you, It can be a hassle sometimes. If I forget to bring my jars to buy bulk items like oatmeal or peanut butter… I just end up self loathing. And I usually don’t end up buying anything. Then there is the problem of incompetent cashiers and butchers. What I mean is that when I go to have my jars or glass containers weighed to get the tare weight. (weight of the jar without anything in it) Now this seems simple right? especially when my big mason jar is exactly 1 pound…worng! I got the tare weight easy, I went and filled up the jar with oatmeal and then went to check out. Told the same cashier the tare weight (she would subtract that weight from the weight of the product) but could not figure it out to save her life. She called the manager to help her…. HE couldn’t even figure it out!! I was even telling them you can manually punch in the net weight if you know the tare weight!!! UGH! they ended up telling me “We need to put it in a plastic bag to weigh it and then you can dump it in your container.” WTF SPROUTS!? you advocate eco-friendly living yet you tell me I HAVE to use plastic. No. That’s the point of me taking my own containers. IMG_1465.JPG IMG_1466.JPG


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