San Francisco Trip!

Never have I had a better workout while walking up and down the streets of San Francisco!

I swear I don’t think I have ever climbed that many hills even while hiking! But I’m not complaining, I swear! I actually enjoyed the challenge. Made me think about the locals there. Most people I saw were actually pretty fit looking. Kudos to you guys!



What a blast I had with my wonderful boyfriend! Best weather you can imagine. Not a single cloud or fog or even rain! That weather man don’t know what he talkin’ about!

I was so excited that there was a David’s Tea there! I have bought a lot of tea from them throughout the years. They’re a Canada based tea chain…and the only “local” stores in California are 6 hours away from me in SanFran.

We also stumbled upon a small cafe that had the best mochas ever! Now I’m not a huge fan of chocolate but my god, it was like drinking nectar of the gods.

Mama’s was probably our favorite brunch eating place we came across. Totally worth waiting outside for an hour to get a chance to eat in this quaint little restaurant. Delicious breakfast. The French toast is heaven. The omlete was incredibly savory. A definite 4 thumbs up!


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