The Sitting Disease


Sitting is actually killing you! Let’s take a stand! LITERALLY!

Please hear me out! It sounds far-fetched and a bit odd “sitting disease” or “sitting is killing you” But trust me… there is truth and science behind it! Many people think they live a fairly active lifestyle. I though I was. But when it came down to it… I was sitting ALL THE TIME! This info-graph will help make sense of how long “desk-jockeys” sit in a day.

sit2Now an argument might arise from some…”but I hit the gym really hard everyday and then some on the weekends!” Well all that working out doesnt cancel out the hours upon hours of sitting! You aren’t reversing the damage a days worth of desk sitting, commuting, eating, and tv watching. Sitting for long hours over time can lead to health problems, some as serious as cancer.

So what can you do?? Well I personally have started… Standing. Yup that simple! I just stand at my desk! Now I’m not lucky enough to be offered a standing desk but I have made do with my rig of stacking boxes and raising my computer monitor and keyboard. And let me tell you, it’s been fantastic!

Yes it’ll feel weird at first and you may be questioned. But keep at it! My legs did go numb a few times which is normal. Stand in baby steps. Take more breaks if you can’t stand for 8 hours straight. But when you can it feels so much better. The next step for me was moving around more. I walk around the office as much as I can without disturbing those around me. I sit from time to time for important things like when I need to focus on something or a meeting. But usually I’m up and moving. I also take a 30-40 minute walk on my hour lunch break to also stay moving.

Now I have cut my sitting time from about 15 hours a day to 3-5 hours a day. I still have to commute and sit when my legs get tired. But if I can help it, I’ll usually prefer to stand.

Gym sessions and daily workouts are only doing your body a limited amount of good. Make your whole day a workout! Let’s keep moving!

One thought on “The Sitting Disease

  1. […] I hate working a desk job. Don’t get me wrong, the benefits and pay are amazing. And I work for an animal shelter. So what seems to be the matter? Well I hate sitting…. just sitting on my butt all damn day. It sucks. I feel so lazy and I feel my body already being affected by it. I have written about what sitting all day can do to the body, you can check it out. […]


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