Thrift Shop Thursdays!

New series starting next Thursday! Thrift Shop Thursdays!

I could be starting something someone else has already done but thats ok! I absolutely LOVE thrift shops and antique stores and I can say for certain, MOST of my wardrobe consists of thrifted finds! So since I have so many pieces I found from thrift shops, I though I’d start a Thursday series to show you how I style my finds. Not all thrifted finds smell like R.Kelly! (macklemore reference for clarification!) So stay tuned for the first of many Thrift Shop Thursdays!

The only downside to the series is that, these clothes are thrifted… the pieces aren’t mass produced anymore so I can’t say “OH YEAH, I got it just last week at Target, they still have some left!” These are items I have been lucky enough to snag before another frugal shopper did. So there’s your disclaimer. However I will list things that I know you can still possible find at a major retailer.

Happy Thrifting!


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