Thrift Shop Thursday: Button Up

Welcome to the first Thrift Shop Thursday! I am really excited to start this series. Now I hope I am able to actually stick with it and give you guys fresh looks every time I post an outfit. Try to keep it exciting.

This is all about the Yellow Button Up! Well it’s really pastel yellow. But it’s still a wonderful find! I found this beauty at a local Goodwill. And to my surprise it’s actually a brand I know. Express is a brand some may know as expensive but good quality. My boyfriend, for the most part, exclusively shops there. I will admit their clothes are pretty nice. Slim fitting for men and women, on top of great quality fabric. None of that cheap thin fabric that some higher end brands try to get away with.

Anyway back to the top. This fit me like a glove in the dressing room, so obviously I had to get it! Usually when I go shopping, whether it be department store or thrift shopping, I usually shop for “work clothes.” When I say “work” I mean clothes that can serve a double function to be worn in the office, as well as casually. Since I have tattoos I have to really look hard for something that can cover all if not most of my ink.

The looks in this episode are more casual. On the left I have it paired with an adorable striped circle skirt and simple flats which I got both at Kohl’s. More of a “preppy/girly” outfit that I actually wore for church on Easter. If I had long hair, I probably would have put it in a cute side braid or low messy bun.

Now the right, more of a cooler day so I layered it up. I went with a salmon cardi (which is a hand-me-down) to give me some warmth as well as a complimenting pastel-ish color. I tucked in the button up into flare jeans with really cute sandal like wedges. This was my “Casual Friday” look for work. We are allowed to wear jeans Friday so I take full advantage of it while still looking more or less professional.

See you next Thursday!

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