#OOTD Pop of Yellow

What a wonderful day. Got to see my extended family, spend the day with my love, go window shopping and just be alive.

I’m such a lucky girl, the boyfriend was dying to take my #OOTD picture…He thought my outfit was too cute NOT to take pictures of. I wasn’t even planning on posting one but who could say no to that!? Small disclaimer…They’re is a lot of tattoo exposure!

Today I’m rocking a new purchase from *cough*thrift shop*cough* Nine West! Lol! I found this beauty for $8.00 and was completely sold on the color. I’m trying to invest in more color and this purse fits in so nicely. Also snagged these cute brown faux leather flats from the thrift shop. Not too often am I lucky enough to come across cute shoes that fit me like a glove.

I almost got rid of this top I left in my “donation” box. Forgot how cute it was and I love how it’s subtly color blocked. Thought it’d go well with my shoes because it’s a similar soft brown but also colorful yet not over-powering the bright boldness of that cute yellow purse. The necklace was a Pacsun clearance purchase and the sunnies are tilly’s… home of some gorgeous accessories.



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