Thrift Shop Thursday: High Waist Hiatus

Welcome to another episode of Thrift Shop Thursday!

Today I’ll be styling a pair of black high-waisted shorts I snug at my local thrift shop.
I usually don’t like high waist anything…however I do have a few exceptions. My biggest pet peeve about high-waisted bottoms is the dreaded wedgie/camel-toe Now below I’ve presented you a small gallery of why I don’t like high waisted bottoms. (and the first one is why women need to invest in thongs when wearing certain types of bottms)

Now back to the point. These black bottoms actually passed all the obsticles that the above shorts/bottoms did not. Ther are made from frabric rather than denim (a plus for me) They fit comfotably without suffocation or bulging. They are long enough to cover possible butt-cheek spillage. And lastly they’re black! (which is a naturally slimmin color…didn’t ya know!)

Not everyday that a pair of shorts can pass my rigorous test with flying colors AS WELL as cot me less than $5.00!
I dressed them down in my #OOTD Beach Date post, styling them wih a plain maroon tank top, my favorite flojo’s and a “hipster” hat. I subconsiouly tried matching my outfit to my nail polish. Since I’m lucky enough to have an awesome boyfriend, he painted my toes as I painted my nails. So I chose darker “goth” colored clothes to match.

Dressing these shorts up was pretty easy as well. Went to Thanksgiving dinner in this outfit. Since I live in Southern California, it’s always warm and sunny so I can get away with wearing shorts in the middle of November. But I didn’t want to look too casual so I wore deep wine colored stockings (do people still call them that?) to add some “autumn” tone to my outfit. Rocked some cute (also thrifted) Oxford pumps and tucked into the shorts, a simple white and black striped boat neck I got from Walmart. These shirts are amazing btw! Simplist shirt ever that covers nearly ALL my tattoos. So of course I bought 3 more in different colors!

There ya have it! See you again next week!


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