How I take blog pictures.

I am lucky enough to have an awesome boyfriend and family that enjoys helping me out with my blog, because frankly taking pictures by yourself is awkward and sometimes not fun.

I though I would post some behind the scenes pictures. But mainly I’m here to tell you how I shoot for pictures. You can take these points and use them the next time you have a little photoshoot.

  • Have fun! Probably the most important rule! Just have fun! Don’t be so serious about how your pictures need to look. I usually have some idea on what I want to achieve but when me and the boyfriend get to actually taking the pictures, usually we just end up joking around and gossiping which ends up in a lot of my pictures being dorky half smiling pictures. But I like it!
  • Talk! If your photographer isn’t really a photographer and someone you could just easily grab to say “Here, take my picture,” make sure you “coach” them through your ideas. If you want a certain angle or pose take the picture yourself of them and then show them and sat “this is what I want it to look like” I think hands on learning is more fun and easier to understand than just explaining your vision verbally. Sometimes your “photographer” will surprise you with a hidden talent for good picture taking!
  • Try new things! Don’t just stick with the same old poses. Try jumping, kneeling, making dorky faces, anything! (just be sure to catch it all with “rapid fire” ) I decided to try jumping in an #OOTD shoot and as much fun as it was…it ended badly. Well not terribly, but I fell on the landing but I am easily amused so the boyfriend and I couldn’t stop laughing at my clumsy self.
  • Don’t be embarrassed! Don’t worry if there are a bunch of people walking around wondering what the heck your doing. You’re having fun! I get caught all the time making weird faces and noises while shooting and at 21 I’ve just learned to not really care. Between laughing and cracking jokes I’m too caught up in the moment. It can be something to look back on and reminisce. “Remember that old man just staring at us like ‘What in tar-nation?'”

I only use my iPhone 6 to take my pictures, edit, and post. I don’t have any fancy equipment or software. I can’t afford it really lol. But even using just an iphone, my pictures have turned out pretty nice. What do you think??



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