Vegas Trip

Well Hello there bloggers! Sorry I’ve been MIA for the past few days. I just recently came back from a VEGAS TRIP! I also needed a few days to recuperate and get back to normal at work.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take as many pictures as I would have liked, but I did manage to take some videos and make a really simple and short edit over on my YouTube channel. So instead I’ll give you the run down of how my weekend trip went. Me, Ryan, and Brandon decided a few months ago that we deserved a Vegas trip to see this new club that just opened up, Omnia, and to also just escape the real world for a few days.
We got our tickets in advance…thank GOD! The general admission for the multiple clubs were practically taking up the whole casino floor! Friday we went to Hakkasan and got to see Calvin Harris. Which was arguably the best time I’ve had in a club, ever! However, I think we may have lost partial hearing because we didn’t think we’d need our earplugs… boy were we wrong! Heard ringing for the rest of the trip.
Saturday we ended up going to Encore Beach Club to see Avicii… Which was alright. He didn’t end up showing till 4 hours after we get to the pool. When he finally decided to go on, we listened to about 3 songs and called it a day. We all just wanted to nap.

That same night was club Omnia with Afrojack preforming. After a nap and a few hours of lounging around the room and watching The Big Bang Theory we decided to get ready for the night. I almost didn’t get in because my I.D. picture is 5 years old and I can say personally doesn’t look like me anymore. This club was SO FREAKING LOUD, We had to wear our ear plugs! We didn’t end up even staying to see Afrojack. We were so beat from the first and second club but we wanted to at least get our moneys worth. It was also hella crowded and was not fun at all. Real fire hazard.
After a long weekend of drinking and clubbing, it was time to go home. Me and Ryan decided to try our luck at Roulette, which I have never played but we both ended up taking home $100! So it was a pretty great way to end the trip.


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