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Hello there bloggers! I want to start off by apologizing for my lack of content lately. I have been running around with my head cut off… or in other words, I’m moving! (again) Yep I’m moving out of my dank little 200 sqft apartment and…back to my parents house. It sounds depressing and definitely not something to boast about but I’m actually pretty excited. Not because I’ll be losing my personal space and privacy, but because I’ll be able to save money to buy a house!

You heard right! Me and Ryan are planning on buying a house together! We still have a ways to go saving wise but were both biting the bullet and moving back with our parents so we have enough money collectively to buy our first house! It hasn’t been easy. First making the decision to move back with mom and step-dad, and then actually packing and watching all my personality be packed away in boxes.
However it’s been relieving because I’ve been purging a lot of stuff that I know I won’t need when I move out and especially buy a house. I like to hold onto things because they have “sentimental value” but really it’s just creating clutter. And I’m learning to just let go. It’s time to move on from the past and start creating new memories.
I’m lucky enough to have a wonderful man in my life that wants to spend his life with me and is helping me with this move. It can be a little ego crushing but in the long run, all this will pay off.

Here’s a few tips I’ve learned (the hard way) when moving:

  • Plan! Planning ahead is most important really; planning when you will be out of your apartment, how you’re going to pack stuff, and just little details that may turn to cumbersome problems later on in the move.
  • Pack what you don’t need first! I first packed up décor, toiletries, knick-knacks, books, movies…etc. If you’re moving back with parents, you’re not going to really need this stuff anyway.
  • Do minimal grocery shopping. I haven’t really bought any food other than what I know I will eat in a week span. I know it may be easier to just go bulk shopping but you don’t want to have excess food to pack when you finally make the big move. The less you have to worry about the better!
  • Stick to the basics! Do you really need 20 hair products in your bathroom before you move? Do you need a cluster of dishes and silverware to eat on? I don’t think so. As much as I hate to say this, but when it comes down to the last week or so before your final move, use (preferably recyclable) throw-away cutlery, utensils, cups, plates. This will allow you to pack up all your dishes and not have to worry about stray dishes. Pack away your extra stuff and just stick to what you REALLY NEED. Travel bottles are perfect so you don’t have giant full sized toiletries everywhere.
  • Use big boxes for lightweight stuff, and small boxes for the heavy stuff!
  • Breathe! I’ve been really stressed out about this move. What am I going to pack? Where is so-and-so going to go? Where should I store this? Just remember to breathe! Luckily I have Ryan to calm me down. He’s a moving wizard and has really been helping pack and just be an all around handy man for me.

Wish me luck!



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