Congrats Inland Valley Humane Society!

Congrats to my work for raising over $90,000 towards shelter animals!

Now I know I screen-shot my works webpage while we were only at about $70,000 But because I’m on the inside, I know what our final total fundraising amount is! I am so happy to say that I am a proud employee of one of the largest animal shelters that contract with the cities of the Inland Empire. The annual dog walk fundraiser that we hold each year is probably the most stressful yet fun time of the year. I’m working but booty off handling all the donations we receive and it’s really nice to see how many caring people are out there that are willing to give so generously to the animal we care for. And in return we try our best to give back to the community by offering low cost vaccines, spay & neutering, and adoption costs.
This is what took up my whole weekend basically. But it was definitely worth it. If you’d like to check out our facility, visit our website Inland Valley Humane Society & SPCA


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