May Favorites!

May Favorites is here! Not many beauty related products but still my favorite!

  1. pixi by petra Flawless & Poreless face primer. This product is HEAVAN SENT! I am totally in love with this! I actually bought the smaller size to try it out and INSTANTLY fell in love! I’m waiting to buy the full size $22 bottle since I’m cheap…but I’m tempted to splurge! I have been using this product nearly every day, I’ve actually thrown out my liquid foundation because of it! It leaves my skin soft and pretty poreless. I don’t have like porcelain doll face now, but my makeup doesn’t set into my pores now like it used to with regular liquid foundation. Now I just use pressed powder as foundation!
  2. Luna bar I know a lot of people don’t like lemon flavored anything but I LOVE lemon flavor! Cake, muffins, cupcakes, candy…and Luna bars! I am not a big fan of the run-of-the-mill chocolate and peanut butter bars…they all taste the same. Lemon Zest is pretty sweet and refreshing…if that makes sense. I first tried the Lemon Zest years ago by accident, probably while I was in soccer and I needed some sort of energy bar. Fast forward to May, I was doing some grocery shopping and wanted Quest bars (FYI, you can’t find them at grocery stores) but I found the Lemon Zest Luna bars! I’ve been hitting the gym harder and wanted a pre-workout snack and this fits the bill perfectly!
  3. Welcome to Nightvale podcast. Remember: if you see something, say nothing, and drink to forget. All hail the mighty glow cloud.
  4. Flojos. Best sandals ever! I absolutely hate plastic sandals! I hate getting blisters between my toes, I hate how they slip around when they get wet, I just hate them! I found these at tilly’s and let me tell you… it’s like walking on a cloud! These didn’t need to be broken in AT ALL! and they are almost like suede, so I don’t chaff or get blisters if I wear them for hours on end. I really recommend these for people who also hate plastic sandals. You can find them cheaper at Ross or Marshalls for about $14.00
  5. Jojoba Oil. My one and only facial moisturizer. Non-greasy (if used sparingly) not heavily scented and recommended for sensitive skin. The liquid is produced from the seed of the Jojoba plant. Completely natural ingredients which I love. It’s worth a try if you’re tired of using chemical based face lotions and moisturizers. But remember, USE SPARINGLY! Put it in a vial with a dropper and only use 1 drop…MAYBE 2 drops.


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