June Favorites!

June Favorites list is here!

  1. Serial podcast. Let me state that I still don’t have any idea what a podcast is. Like a strictly audio show that ranges from mysterious unsolved crimes, to fiction storytelling. However I heard about this podcast in particular and it I didn’t like the idea of just listening to someone talk… But after the first episode, I was hooked! I literally listened to the entire show in 2 days. (I was on vacation and had to get a tanning session in) If you’re into crime, justice, and great journalism…this podcast is for you. Following a man that may or may not have been falsely accused for the murder of a young woman, 15 years ago. Worth a listen!
  2. Converse White High Tops. So these were supposed to be a present for me from my boyfriend…but I couldn’t wait any longer. So I decided to get them myself. And when you have  $10 Kohl’s cash and a 20% discount coupon…who couldn’t resist! Goes with everything…just like any chucks do. Still trying to get used to the “high-top” part but there super adorable. Gives any look a relaxed, comfortable feel.
  3. Quest Bar. So I moved on from those sad Luna bars and finally found those quest bars I was looking for…turns out the grocery store in the same lot as my gym sells them… WOOHOO talk about a lazy fat trip after the gym! I’ve tried the lemon pie flavor…gross. I’ve tried the cookies and cream…good. Also the peanut butter and chocolate…very yummy. I think My favorite is the strawberry cheesecake. I love cheesecake. Its good!
  4. Harvey Prince Hello Conditioner. Right off the back…bat…back…whatever, I don’t like the packaging. I got this as a sample from my Birchbox. It felt too lisa frank… 90’s young girl Barbie product. So that’s one thing I didn’t like. However, I LOVE the smell. I usually don’t like fruity smells but this is just heavenly! Here’s the link to check it out.
  5. Criminal podcast. Since I was going through withdrawals from Serial being over…I was looking for a quick fix. I came across Criminal and its has the same feel as Serial, except its not following just one case. It’s a collection of true cases ranging from wrongfully convicted murderers, to light hearted community dilemmas. Every episode is different and not strung together like Serial but still fun to listen to if you enjoy crime fighting stories.
  6. Lorac pressed powder. Because I’m 3/4 Mexican and tan in 5 minutes…I had to suck it up and buy darker pressed face powder. I originally was at kohls to buy the American Beauty brand but unfortunately they don’t carry it anymore… So I tested this on my chest, neck, and face and thought…”this may work” Bought the last box of the tan color…This is like the BEST pressed powder EVER! It’s “poreless” formula goes well with my face primer and is the perfect exact shade for my tan skin. It’s a lot of product too, so I think this will last me a few summers if I’m careful!



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