Back on Track!

So in a few of my posts about fitness, I’ve been saying “I’ve been lagging” “Haven’t hit the gym real hard”
Well I’m happy to say that’s all behind me! Yes I did take a few days off because of Fourth of July (and I was on vacation) But other than that, I’ve been hitting the gym really hard the past 5 weeks! I’ve broken some PR’s and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve stayed pretty true to my macros and eating habits. But of course no one is perfect.

I’m really stoked about my new deadlift PR. Coming in at 2 sets of 3 reps…135lbs! That’s almost my own body weight I’m lifting! I am seeing improvements more in my strength and muscle definition than in my weight loss. My lowest is 137 and highest is 140. But that’s actually really good in my opinion. I’m trying to get down to 130 by mine and Ryan’s 1 year anniversary. But no high expectations. I am after all lifting heavy so I’m bound to gain weight (muscle) So if I don’t hit that goal I won’t be totally crushed.



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