Favorite Highlight!

I know I have a monthly favorites list that I post. But I thought these shoes needed to be highlighted. They are the best shoes I have ever had! And it’s all thanks to my wonderful boyfriend Ryan!

I literally wear these things every time I go to the gym or go hiking. These babies are so freaking comfortable! I’m so lucky to have an awesome boyfriend! He got these for me for Christmas and it is by far the best (functional) gift. It took some trial and error, going and trying on a ton of different shoes just to fall in love with the wrong ones. Then trying to exchange them for ones my mom had (she showed me the Zoom Pegasus 30 and fell in love!) However they were out of stock…So I had to request order them… Then wait… But after all that, I finally got my Nike babies!
I definitely recommend these kicks! For the more “colorful” runners, they do come in more variety of colors, I’m just a forever emo kid and went for black. I personally hate bright colored shoes. They work well for reflectiveness but they just ugly!


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