Sunday Sunnies

Talk about a shopping spree! Amazon has some of the cutest sunnies ever! And for hella cheap!

I have gotten so many compliments on these sunnies I thought I’d share them with ya’ll! All of which I purchased on Amazon with Prime! I was able to wear them for the fourth of July weekend river trip!

  1. Jackie-O Retro Sunnies These are by far the most comfortable sunnies I have ever purchased!! and only $7.99!
  2. Cream Horned Bridge Sunnies Comes in other colors but I wanted a light color for variety, SUPER CUTE at $9.99
  3. Amber Kitten Eye Sunnies Originally seen at forever 21, but were super cheap looking and all bent. Thank god for Amazon! $10.99
  4. Green Kitten Eye Sunnies So cute had to get 2 pairs!

Coming soon…. How to style Sunnies!



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