“Begin each day as if it was on purpose”

Spoken by a man that knows how to sweep a woman off her feet…that doesn’t even know she exists. Lol ok Will Smith is one of my favorite actors, and I had to swoon a little. But some of the movies he’s been in, have been some very deep movies. I know Hitch isn’t a very “deep” movie being a romantic comedy… but some of the quotes he says I the movie, really make sense.

“Begin each day as if it was on purpose” Is one of my favortes. So I recently watched Hitch (for like the 10th time) and really took this quote to heart. People should really start each day like you mean it. Yeah it’s Monday and I wish I were sleeping in with a cup of coffee. But that’s not the case. But instead of throwing an adult tantrum or being grumpy all day, I’m making the most of it.
I actually WOKE UP! I didn’t spontaneously die in my sleep, or sleepwalk out of bed into traffic. I woke up next to my incredible boyfriend.
Yeah I have to work a 9 hour desk job, but I just recently got recognized for my hard work and commitment to my job and got a bonus. I also am saving lives! I work at an animal shelter and even if I’m not helping animals directly, I’m still saving their lives! Which is a pretty awesome thing to say you do for a living!
All these little things that we see as cumbersome nuisances, can actually be turned into positive accomplishments. I’m not being a naïve optimist. But an optimistic realist. I know things are perfect or the way I want them to be, but instead of seeing them as negative aspects of life, I’m seeing the positive in everything and anything.
Begin each day as if it was on purpose. You’re alive! Lets go and do something!


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