July Bulubox

My Bulubox FINALLY came in! I say that because I missed the “cut-off” shipping date by a few days when I first signed up. Which is some BS…but whatever. I’m stoked I finally got it!

So compared to the JackedPack, it’s a lot less sports nutrition and more overall health wellness.

So I first tried the Martha Stewart Multivitamin gummies… What a let down! I mean it looks like they are going to be like sour gummies which is awesome…but then when you actually start eating them, they taste very chalky and grassy like plain green tea almost. Now I don’t mind it, I acutally like the taste of green tea, but when Ryan tried them he nearly gagged. Sooo fair warning. Side note, I love how big this sample size was. It’s enough for a few weeks which I totally dig!

The FunnBar protein candy chews were slightly better tasting. and I mean slightly. The citrus blast flavor was really good and almost tasted like a starburst, if you mixed all the flavors together. I enjoyed that one, but I didn’t like the chocolate caramel one. It was a little too gritty and had no prominent caramel flavor…disappointment. But 2 grams of protein in each candy, pretty cool right there!

Movit energy gummies were fairly nice tasting. They did leave a odd chalky (hard to describe) after taste. I would honestly eat these to curb a craving rather than for energy. I took them after the lunch time slump, that time between lunch and gym time where I am just lagging it. I would like to think I felt a little more energized. But who is to say?

Ovega-3 is a plant based oil that mimics the health properties of Fish Oil. Apparently it’s for vegetarians that don’t like using an animal byproduct as well as the uncomfortable “burping” that fish oil has a reputation for. I personally never have that burping sensation as well as the notorious fishy aftertaste… Maybe I don’t notice it? But it’s an alright product. Hard to review something like this.

So there is a sample packet of Nuvia Café instant coffee and this really frustrated me the most. I checked out their website and it was very sketchy. Nowhere on it did it have the nutritional information. I hate companies that are very vague. They have multiple social media accounts but what bugged me the most was their YouTube, and how their “reviews” were random people the got to say how good it was from an info booth where they handed out free samples. Now the product itself is ok. It has some “healthy fruit extracts”  which is supposed to help with immune system and your body… I’m not sold.

Lastly the Urgent RX upset stomach relief. I have yet to experience an upset stomach…so I haven’t had a chance to use it… This is what I’m looking forward to trying the most! But I’ll have to wait and keep it handy and use it the next time I feel stomach pains.

So there you have it. This month’s Bulubox. I am a bit disappointed… I’d give this box a 3 out of 5 star rating… Lets see how next month is!


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