July Favorites!

julyfavs Let’s see what July has brought to the table with another monthly favorites! It’s so hard to decide what I feel deserves to go on my monthly lists… It’s also hard to try new things every month to say “I really liked that” But sometimes even old “friends” can still be my favorite.

  1. BPI Best BCAA – I really love the taste of these BCAA’s. I actually received this product in my JackedPack (in a gross grape flavor) and I thought I’d give it a try but in a different flavor. The fruit punch tastes awesome. Its not too powerful like koolaid or super red in color. Its lighter in flavor and color so it wont stain your teeth lol. You can also always use less than the given scoop serving if it’s still too sweet (like Ryan does) I have been drinking during my workouts and it reminds me of a chilled out version of Gatorade but with like no calories and more benefits. It’s definitely worth 2 tub fulls.
  2. Pixi Eye Bright Primer – OMG this is heaven sent! I already have a few products from the Pixi by Petra line and already am sold on it. There are a few things that I’ve heard so-so reviews on but this had nothing but 5 stars, so I decided to give it a try. And I absolutely LOVE IT! I don’t have any fancy MAC eye shadows that are formulated to be pigmented and stay in place. I have just cheap drug-store and daiso store eye shadow… but with the eye bright primer, all my eye shadows look high end! It really keeps the color on! I use it under my eyes too and but mineral powder on top to substitute concealer and it works like a charm!
  3. Jackie-O Sunnies – Best sunnies ever! I absolutely love these and the compliments speak for themselves! Not many people have seen sunnies like this, they are definitetly a conversation starter. I’ve gotten nothing but compliments! They’re also super comfortable and easily fixed. They were slightly bent and crooked when I received them but a few bends and tweaks and they were perfect again.
  4. Brandy Melville Stickers – So my boyfriends sister works at J.Galt (a sister store of Brandy Melville) and she is always bringing home these cool stickers! Ryan is a big nerd (though he wont admit it) and collects stickers, so whenever she gets new ones, she’ll give us like 10. There have been the heart eyes emoji, watermelons, snapchat ghost, stack of doughnuts, and some clever phrases added to the collection. I have a clear iphone case and I usually stick them in there to customize my phone a little bit. SICK!
  5. gtb Spiking Wax – I think I finally found the pixie hair product of my dreams! It’s meant for shorter hair but on my hair, it gives a chunky piece-y look (when styled properly) I love it and even more for being less than $4.00! Most hair styling products run anywhere from $7.00-$20.00! (American Crew…I’m talking to you!) That’s insane! It leaves a slight gritty texture, which is favorable to me because it gives more texture to my hair and it’s easier to style and “fluff up” to get a real messy pixie look.
  6. TheNoSleep Podcast – I’ve been obsessed with podcasts lately…Like really obsessed! I’ll listen to them any chance I get, in the car, on a walk, at the gym… ANYWHERE but it sucks that most are weekly or even bi weekly…so being all caught up is frustrating. However TheNoSleep podcast has about 5 seasons out and I’m only on season 2. With each season about 20 episodes long ranging from 20 minutes to 1 hour and a half, it’s a lot to listen to! So its a podcast that started from the NoSleep forum on Reddit and basically people have written hundreds of scary, creepy, or unsolved mystery stories which several narrators will read and come together in a 2-3 story episode. It’s called NoSleep for a reason, some of the stories actually really scared me!


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