JackedPack: July Box

jacked Another month of some killer samples for the elite lifestyle! jacked So We have here July’s box pack with a bit more snacks and some repeats of June’s box

  1. MHP Fit & Lean Power Pak Pudding – Well this was interesting. I didn’t think these type of food items could be in a subscription box. Oh well. So first off, I had to throw it in the fridge too cool it down. When it was cold enough, It was time to eat. I decided to eat it as dessert since I had some leftover macros to fill. This was the strangest pudding I have ever eaten. I guess it wasn’t bad. I think it could have been better if it was chocolate…even though I don’t care for coco. The pudding had a grittiness to it. it wasn’t like your typical to-go pudding cups. I will admit that its got a lot of protein packed into it. But honestly I would eat a cup of greek yogurt over this any day.
  2. Mancakes – finally got to eat these babies! I’ve been waiting for one of my high carb days to eat this. They have a little denser texture than normal buttermilk pancakes which I like. But I hate pancakes and I suck at making them. I wish I made it as a waffle. But the taste was yummy! Cinnamon and oat smelled like fall and Halloween. I’d definitely buy these again!
  3. Promax Lower Sugar Protein Bar – Yummy! I can definitely tell its lower sugar, its not as sweet as most “protein bars” or any type of meal bars/snack bars. It tastes almost like freshly ground peanut butter with literally no additives, which is delicious but very plain. (not necessarily a bad thing) It does have less fat compared to the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Quest Bar. However still doesn’t come close to Quest Bars, but hey, 5 stars for trying right?
  4. EVL Nutrition ENGN – 2 thumbs up on this pre-workout. However, forewarning, make sure you take this with a lot of water. I mixed it with like 4oz. water and almost choked because the flavor was so concentrate and completely caught me off guard. But other than that, It tasted very good! I felt the beta-alanine kick in (tingles up in my face) and I really felt the pump. I was a bit tired and feeling unmotivated but after taking this, I was super ready for the gym! This pre-workout made me sweat like CRAZY! I don’t think I have ever sweated that much even after a half marathon!
  5. ProSupps Dr. Jekyll – 2nd time I get to try this product! I actually really liked it the 2nd time around! I felt the beta alanine kick in. It wasn’t so much skin prickles like where it felt uncomfortable, it was more like a rush of goose bumps up my neck and head. Sounds weird I know but I liked how it felt. I will say that I was a sweaty monster at the gym! I was working out hard so I was sweating a lot as it was, but I think the pre-workout really amplified my sweat production. And of course I forgot a towel, so Ryan let me use his. I didn’t enjoy the flavor as much, felt a little to fake and sweet. It also has a hard time mixing and dissolving. But I’d say 4 out of 5 stars!
  6. Body Fortress Super NOS Blast – Ok first off, I could not figure out if it was a pre-workout or like an intra-workout supplement because it says “Elite Pre-Workout INTENSIFIER*” There is an asterisk and the claim is saying that “these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA…” So anyways, it doesn’t have beta-alanine in it but has some caffeine in it… but still “intensifier” makes me believe that this wasn’t a pre-workout but something you’d take to keep the pump going…am I right?? Well I can’t really say too much more about this. I felt kind of the same. I did push myself while taking this (chest/triceps) Which is what the point of “nitric oxide” and what its used for. To get a better pump. But other than being totally confused about what the product actually is….I’d say pass on this.
  7. Magnum Limitless Extreme Pre-Workout – Wow! This is a gnarly flavor! It smells and tastes like cheap Mexican fruit juice that you’d buy from the 99cent store. BLEH! Gross gross gross! I really didn’t like this product. I may have taken too much for what my body can handle, but I still did not like how I felt. I tasted it (a few sips) about an hour before I actually was supposed to drink it and my stomach wasn’t feeling too good. I stop eating about 3-4hours before taking pre-workout to feel its full effects and an upset stomach was not what I was expecting. Come gym time and a whole serving of this pre-workout, I was super hot and jittery. I was focused on what I needed to do but it felt like my body was on a whole other level. My body felt like it was going a million miles per hour and I couldn’t calm down. It wasn’t till I started deadlifting I finally felt in control. I will not try this again.



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