The Beauty of Morphe!

I have seen the light! And that is the lights of a small makeup shop in the ghetto of Burbank, CA. Morphe Brushes is probably the BEST makeup store I have EVER been to! And I think every one who is a makeup addict or even a newbie should check this store out!


First off, its a medium-to-high quality makeup, brushes, accessories, and eyelash store…that’s NON-EXPENSIVE! I repeat. NOT EXPENSIVE! Too good to be true you think?! Well look at this new 35o Palette I recently bought over the weekend:
Now compared to MAC, which has a 15 color palette for $85. Or Urban Decay with a 12 color NAKED palette for $54…Morphe comes nowhere near MAC or Urban Decay.
This 35 color palette put a teeny tiny dent in my wallet of only $22!! That is UNHEARD OF!
But it’s true! I can tell you it’s not like those cheap makeup brands where the color has little pigment and a lot of fall out. No! These eye shadows are EXTREMELY pigmented and hold onto the lid very well, even better with a good lid primer.
I used a 10% off promo code for my purchase… I did end up buying more than this palette. I follow Manny Mua on Youtube, and I used his affiliate code but if you follow any other YouTuber you’re more than welcome to support them and use their code. I had to control myself though and left a few things for the boyfriend to buy me for Christmas… ya know because he’s amazing! But if I could have bought more, I would have DEFINTELY purchased the 35T & 35N palettes.
I had to try the palette out after I bought it and post it to Instagram…I didn’t think I’d get so much positive feedback from it as well as Manny himself acknowledging my picture and liking it! I was even featured on the top posts for the hashtag #35opalette

But overall, its a great store…in a bit of a ghetto area. I recommend going on a Sunday as soon as they open! (Everyone else will be in church) Because the first time my mom went to the store…there was a line out the door wrapping around the store!

The employees are very nice and eager to help you out with anything. Everything is out on display and for you to test and swatch. They also have single eyeshadows that you can buy and place in one of their own empty magnetic palettes or the Z palettes. But in my opinion…go with Morphe’s its cheaper! (a 4 pot holder is only $3.99! cheaper than most drugstore single eyeshadows!)
I give nothing but 5 stars to this amazing company! Really a diamond in the rough!

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