Life is speeding up, Social media is slowing down.

It’s finally Autumn and even though the weather in Southern California likes to disagree, it’s getting closer to the holiday season. It may seem like a while for some people, and Christmas just cant come fast enough. But for me…it’s been non stop GO-GO-GO!!

All of September for my work has been nothing but fair days, kids expos, parades, and business expos. I have gotten a chance to be in a few of LA County Fair’s parades, numerous kids and business days. It’s a lot of work for just sitting around in the heat handing out brochures and conversing with passerby’s. Now with the fair drawing to a close, my job can slow down…for the time being. Next we have our 27th annual golf tournament, then we have our 1st annual Howl-o-Wine event. Amongst other community appearances we will be making throughout the next coming months.

As far as my social life…Well I don’t have much of one, well sort of. Every weekend in the month of October is completely booked up. Starting with a trip to San Diego to see Kaskade…again. Then it is mine and Ryan’s 1 year anniversary, after that Ryan will be going to his friends bachelor party in Vegas. The weekend after that I’ll be working a community event, and the last and final week of October is Ryan’s friends wedding and the most important Holiday ever… HALLOWEEN!!!

So you can imagine how busy I am. That’s why I want to apologize for the lack of new posts. This time and all the way till February is the busiest months of the year for me. Summer is when my life is a bit more laid back and relaxed so I have plenty of time to produce content for all you readers. I am planning numerous vacation trips in the near future and I would like to share these with you all. So I promise to keep you filled in as much as I can with all the excitement going on in my life.

As for now, sorry to be MIA but life is speeding up and social media is slowing down. If you’d like to keep updated on my more personal life, check out my other social media!
Snapchat: tatianasalazar
Instagram: nickitea
Twitter: nickiteaisme
Vine: nickitea


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