*LATE* September Favorites!

sept faves
Sorry everyone! I know I warned you all about my life becoming really busy and hectic, I still feel bad! So here is my long overdue September Favorites!

I know it’s been about 3 weeks since September but I though I’d still share my favorites. I actually made this list a while ago, but just got overwhelmed and busy with life I never posted it!

  1. Coty Airspun – For those of you who don’t know who Patrick Star is on YouTube, I recommend checking him out. He is one of the many talented makeup artist gurus on YouTube. I bought this mainly because he says that its all he’s used for setting face makeup. This paired with Wayne Goss buffing technique…and you’ve got flawless photoshopped looking skin!
  2. Pulp Fiction – Looks like me and Ryan found our Halloween costumes! I know this is a classic and I should have been one to see it years ago, but it never peaked my interest until me and the boyfriend stumbled upon it while on vacation. I fell in love with this cult classic! We are going to be Uma Thurman and John Travolta’s characters from the movie ( Mia & Vincent)
  3. Beet Hummus – I know it sounds weird and most people will be put off by the color…but this is the BEST hummus flavor I have ever tried! I am a big fan of roasted and pickled beets, (I can literally eat 3 cans of pickled beets in one sitting) so this was a yummy snack!
  4. NYX Proof It – Actually a waterproof top coat for mascara, I have been using it to set my eyebrows. An improvised eyebrow gel. It works for me because it feels like a stiff gel and my eyebrow hairs like to move around in the day so this keeps them in place and a little less smudgeable.
  5. Denture Cleaner – Ok hear me out! for those of you who ever had braces…you’ll want to know about this. Once you get your braces off, you are given a choice to have removable retainers or cemented retainers. Well I have removable ones and let me tell you, wearing those things at night even while brushing my teeth…really start to look and smell dank. I would brush my retainers with another toothbrush and toothpaste, but it never got clean enough. ENTER DENTURE CLEANER! This is meant to clean dentures or any other oral product. Basically I look like those stereotypical old people taking their teeth out and putting them into a glass of water. Well it works! It fizzes (baking soda in the tablets) and have minty-ness to keep it smelling fresh and not taste weird in my mouth. It’s definitely worth the $2 at Walmart if you’re tired of gross retainers!


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