What has happened so far!

A lot has happened these past few weeks, and I feel like I should let you know that I’m not just neglecting you guys. But I’m trying to live in the present and experience life without being tied down to obligations. Not saying my followers are cumbersome to my life, but that’s just it. I want to go live my life! I love sharing things with you but being behind a computer, typing all the time…I’m losing my sanity. I need to connect with the world in a way other than through technology. So enough rambling, here is what has happened for those of you curious where I have been!

First off, I met some BuzzFeed video people! Also know as the “Weird Couple” they star in a series of BuzzFeed videos titled “weird things couples do…” I spotted them right away and asked to take a photo with them! They were really nice and it was definitely a star struck moment for me…(as if they were kim and kanye) I also saw Alex Wong (a professional ballet dancer) at the LA County fair but I didn’t get a picture with him because I was too busy fangirling I stopped breathing…
alex Here is proof that he even commented back to my comment! (I’m @nickitea btw!)

pic1Trip to the LA County Fair! Had some fried cookie dough and Margaritas!
pics2 Very first deep sea fishing trip! Caught some bonito and red snapper!
pics4 San Diego to see Kaskade! First time seeing him not in Las Vegas…I prefer Vegas let’s just say!
pics6 Second fishing trip! Rained, rough waters, but Ryan caught the biggest fish and got free fishing trips!
pics7 Flew to Dallas, TX for a work conference! All by myself I might add! Nerve wrecking!
pics88 San Diego trip to celebrate 1 year with this loving, handsome man! I can’t believe so much has happened! I’m glad that I got to make so many memories with him. Memories we will never forget, and are much more valuable than any present bought.

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