Semi Pescatarian Diet?


After a lengthy discussion over a bacon and egg breakfast sandwich, me and Ryan have decided to become Semi-pescatarians. Now if you all don’t know what that means; its ok. Vegetarianism has a lot of branches ranging from very loosely vegetarian, to the strict and dedicated vegan.

So Pescatarian is basically a type of vegetarian which diet consists of fruits, veggies, dairy, eggs, and fish (and other sea life) there is also people that consider themselves “semi-vegetarian” which basically is the loosest diet form consisting of mostly a vegetarian diet but very rarely eating meats from animals. Because we care about animal welfare we decided to change our eating habits. Ryan also has high cholesterol from all those steaks. And cutting out processed meats is better for our health as well as the animals.
We have always felt sad when we ate meat and always thanked the (now dead) meat we were eating. Even when me and Ryan went on our fishing trips, we would take special care of the fish we caught and killed them humanely (as much as one can on a boat) and thanked those fishies for their deliciousness.
I know some vegetarians will look at us as not dedicated enough to completely cut out meat from our diet, but were human. Humans have eaten meat for hundreds of years. And in my defense, back when humans hunted their food; we were eating mostly plants, fruits, nuts, and etc…but every once in a while would eat meat that was caught. Now I know that sounds like the “paleo-diet” but I don’t really agree with that diet. People were eating things that were local to them. And obtaining meat was a lot harder than stepping into an air conditioned store.

food pyramid
So back to my point, Ryan was the one to actually come forward and say, “I think we should start limiting how much meat we eat.” I was really surprised by this but not at all opposed. The only obstacle I foresee is my iron intake will be restricted. I have a low production of iron in my body and have depend on outside sources. Red meats for example. Leafy greens do have iron but not as high as red meat. So I will be resorting to iron pills again, but that’s the least of my worries.
I’m particularly excited to be eating more vegetables! I feel like I haven’t been getting enough nutrients from colorful veggies as I used to. Just a lot of white carbs like potatoes, and pastas.

Me and Ryan are really excited to take this step in our relationship together to become healthier and more conscious of our diet choices. If you have any yummy recipes feel free to share them, Ryan is master chef and can make anything!


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