November Favorites!

nov fav
Chilly months ahead! November Favorites are here!

This months favorites have slightly more fashion items that made the list because there is nothing better than layering and accessorizing in the colder months ahead.

  1. From Dusk Till Dawn – Better vampire movie than Twilight! Ryan actually picked this flick out thinking it’d be a cool Tarantino movie, but turns out he just stars in it. Its a little slow at first and wasn’t interested but as soon as it picked up with the strip tease scene and campy special effects vampires, I was hooked! This movies is definitely Horror slap stick comedy. The effects are humorous but oddly appealing. There was so much more creativity in early practical effects then there is now. I recommend watching this if you’re up for a good laugh and scare.
  2. Gingerbread Latte – Hold the whip! Now a side note, I don’t understand this whole debacle with starbucks cups not being festive and taking “Christ” out of CHRISTmas… Last time I checked, snowman, reundeer, and snowflakes have nothing to do with Christianity and Jesus. On that note, he didn’t even live in a place that snowed! WTF?! While every other religion out there is leaned back drinking their “un-festive” Starbucks lattes just chuckling at those silly Christians. And I’m one of them. I’m here laughing my ass off drinking the best winter time coffee with no cares in the world.
  3. Shea Moisture Face Cream –  Because my skin very dry especially in Southern California where we hardly ever get any moisture. I’ve used she moisture products before but never their face cream so I decided to try it.  My face definitely feels  nice after using it. They also have an acne prone facial moisturizer but decided to go with this one for now. When my acne starts up again I’ll have to try the black African soap moisturizer.
  4. Maroon Felt Bowler Hat (h&m) – I am in love with TaySwifts style and ever since I saw her ootd on Pinterest wearing a black bowler hat I HAD to have one! I have been searching for one for a bout 3 months before coming across this felt one at h&m. Went in there wanting to buy a long sleeve shirt, ended up leaving with a new maroon bowler hat! And it goes great with my pixie cut! So stylish!
  5. Color Block Oxfords –  so I actually don’t know what brand the shoes are, but they are the only picture I could find on the Internet. My shoes I scored from the thrift store (praise Jesus) look very similar to these. I love the pop of color! These are definitely a statement piece! I will admit I look like a total hipster now.
  6. Minnetonka Moccasins – Ryan is the best boyfriend ever. He really knows how to read me and make me happy. While at Nordstrom rack I noticed a pair of slipper moccasins and thought they were super cute! A week later, Ryan surprises me with my very first pair of “real” moccasins! They’re super comfy and warm and they don’t slip off my feet like other flippers! Perfect cozy slippers for the past chilly nights we’ve had here.


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