Bringing Thrifting Back!

I feel so bad that I have neglected the part of my blog dedicated to thrifting. I’m so sorry! Don’t hate me! I have nothing to cover my ass…no excuses…just lack of material I guess. I haven’t really gone thrifting in a while and, for a time, was only buying kohl’s clothes and other retail fashion stores.

I totally forgot how much I missed and loved thrifting! That’s where all my fashion drive came from! So I’m re-launching my Thrift Shop Thursdays! I don’t currently have anything to show you all this Thursday but I have planned a mini photo-shoot with a ton of pieces I recently found at DeeLux. DeeLux isn’t so much a hole in the wall goodwill, its more of a Buffalo Exchange. If you don’t have one of those, its basically like an upscale thrift store. They buy clothes that are usually “in-fashion” and only in perfect-good quality. You still get some great deals from stores like these. I scored a pair of Jeffrey Campbell heels and American Apparel high waist shorts for a FRACTION of the retail price! (literally both of them together were only a 1/4 of the retail price of your average Jeffrey Campbell shoe) But I’ll post about that another Thursday!

Today I want to talk about some of my tips I have for thrifting without the headache! Disclaimer, thrifting is not for everyone…especially if you have a hard time wearing something a random person wore for who-knows-how-long. Like my boyfriend for example…wearing second hand clothes would REALLY bother him because he is a germ-a-phobe. But, he loves furniture and household things, so we balance each other out. It can also me frustrating when you see bloggers and instagrammers always coming up on cute things and you just have no luck. Well stay tuned! Those tips are coming right your way!


  • Lower Expectations. Everyone needs to know right from the get go that you’re not going to get lucky EVERY SINGLE TIME. No, setting your expectations high for find the best deal or the perfect fitting dress…can lead to big disappointment. Instead Compromise. Just because you didn’t find that perfect pair of mom jeans, doesn’t mean there isn’t something else looking for a new home. Or maybe you can turn it into something else!? Which brings me to my next point.
  • Get Crafty! If you have a talent for sewing or even gluing and cutting, utilize that talent and turn something that’s seen its day and decade, and revamp it!
  • Have a Plan. If you go into a thrift store unprepared it can get overwhelming. You may give up or end up buying WAY too much than what you anticipated. Like me I find so many thing that I just love and have to have. Set a budget and create a Pinterest Board of fashion trends and outfits that you can put together with things that you may find at a thrift store.
  • Keep an open mind! Now as I mentioned before, not everyone is so keen to wear old second hand clothes. Now what I usually do is check the tags (if they weren’t cut off) and look at the washing care. I try to get as many machine washable clothes so when I get home I wash it with the HOTTEST HOT water and smother it in detergent with a dash of fabric softener… and it’s good as new*. (as if it were your own washed clothes) Or steam them if they are dry clean only. If you find shoes, you can wipe them down with a Clorox wipe (not canvas) or some detergent and water (ok for canvas)
  • Get Comfortable. Don’t go wearing super tight skinnies and a million different accecories. When you go thrifting you want to be comfortable. Wear shorts and a tank with some sandals, or even a comfy dress. Most likely you’ll want to try on second hand items just to check fit or like me, check if there are any holes, stains, hidden surprises that you may not see when it’s on the hangar. And make sure the item is comfortable to move in. It may say medium but may fit like a extra-small!
  • Bring Cash. Sometimes thrift stores have credit card or debit card charges. If you want to bypass this, just bring cash!
  • Look for deals! Most Goodwill’s have a “color tag of the week” and you can get an extra percentage off of that color. Some thrift stores range from 15% off to 75% already LOW prices! So keep the tag color in min when you’re hunting!!

Hope these tips helped ya! No go out and start hunting! Tune in next Thursday!


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