Pixie Life

I’m sure you all are aware of me cutting my lovely locks a year ago. (More like 15 months) Well life has been pretty simplistic with my new doo. I mean if you count cutting hairstyling time down to less than 10 minutes. I traded my cumbersome hair routine with a crazier makeup routine! I’m so addicted to makeup now that I have so much more time to spend on my face rather than several feet of hair!

But anyway this post is all about the Pixie Life! I know several women out there are currently rocking the #ShortHairDontCare motto, and good for them! Having short hair is awesome! Having long hair is awesome! Having no hair is awesome! Equality right?
I want to take a minute to tell you everything I enjoy about being a part of the pixie club.
Having short hair is so liberating! I remember when I got a bob I was so sad because it was mainly to get rid of all the years of damage I had done to my hair while it was long. I wanted nothing more to have long hair again. I bought extensions and tried so hard to fit into the society’s standards of what female beauty is. This was about 3-4 years ago. November 2014 is when my whole perspective changed. I have enough of growing out my hair, I decided to make the big chop!
Of course I talked with Ryan about what he’d think of me with short hair…which only lasted about 1 day and decided to cut it anyway. I love him but if he couldn’t handle me at my pixie he cant have me at my #LongHairDontCare days. And to my surprise he actually loved it! It took a few weeks to get used to but he fell more in love with me rather than my appearance.I’ve worn a wig once for Halloween and he nearly crapped his pants everytime he thought I was someone else. He’s gotten so used to me with short hair!
I love how I can style my hair so many different ways too! A lot of women think having a pixie means you are stuck with one look. Which is entirely UNTRUE! I will say though that depending on your hair type and the length in which you cut your locks will depend on what you CAN do with your pixie.

The very first time I cut my long locks, I had a bit of a beiber cut. It was awkward at first because I have never styled short hair on myself. After reading and research I first got rid of the dreaded mullet. Which is the most upkeep when having a pixie cut. I dabbled with stick straight hair, wavy bangs, and a curled fo-hawk. When my hair started growing out I decided to cut all the dyed hair off! This left me with a serious G.I.Jane look. I rocked it in a short fo-hawk and pushed in a mini part. As that grew out I have been adamant about shaping the nape of my neck and growing out a more feminine mini bob pixie.
So I have had a bunch of looks throughout this year and I have loved every minute of it. I am still rocking the pixie but its getting towards the end of its lifetime. I am growing it out.


Trust me, it’s not pixie remorse. I actually am looking forward to having a bob again. I went through some pictures and found me with a bob when at the time I hated how it looked. I think it’s time to rock another hairstyle. And that’s what its all about? Having fun! I am enjoying the growing out process as most women hate it.
Its only hair and if I find that I miss my pixie, its nothing more than a hair cut away. If I miss my long hair, than I’ll just let it grow. Either way the point is to have fun with your look! No one ever said you have to stick with one style.



2 thoughts on “Pixie Life

  1. Love your hair! I am one week into a pixie and am naturally curly as well. Can you tell me what hair products you use? My long hair usual just aren’t working with this short cut. Thanks!

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    1. I have naturally loose curly hair but it’s really manageable. It doesn’t take much to straighten them out. I use a combination of products, my favorites for curls are got 2 b glued spiking wax to hold and define my curls, not your mothers girl powder for volume, and finish it off with style sexy spray clay and Tresemme extra hold hair spray to lock everything in place.


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