Atheist not Ignorant

Small disclaimer, if any of my beautiful and incredible followers are sensitive to the subject matter of religion in any way, please feel free to contact me at and I would love to speak to you privately. These are my views and opinions and the last thing I want to do is offend anyone. Please know that this post is not meant to hurt anyone’s feelings.

I will not try to step on any toes, so here we go.

Ever since I was a kid I’ve known I wasn’t like most kids. I saw kids going to church on Sundays, putting on their best clothes and dresses to go to a building to pray to God. This made no sense to me. Yes, I was baptized catholic, but that was before I could even walk. My grandma grew up with the Catholic Church, having a very formal catholic wedding. But down the line, the strict Sunday mass attendance slowed to a halt, with me. My mom never took me to church. I never really felt the need to go either.

It was when I was about 6 or 7 when my best friend’s mom forced me to go to church with their family every time I stayed over on a Saturday for a sleepover. I went, of course, but unwillingly. I just wanted to play with my friend; I wanted to eat cereal and watch Sunday morning cartoons in our pajamas until my mom came and picked me up. I didn’t want to be in a building filled with strangers that were talking about some imaginary person I couldn’t see. And that’s how I saw God. I still see him that way. An imaginary friend that everyone hasn’t left in their childhood. The thing is, I never had imaginary friends when I was a kid. It didn’t make sense to me. Yes I played within my imagination, pretending I was a princess, or a grocery store clerk, and even a wizard. But I never saw imaginary friends. I knew I was making things up in my head. I knew that I was playing. And that’s when it started becoming clear.

I have always had a fancy for science and the ability to prove theories and hypotheses. I was able to grasp and understand science because it can be tested and proven by tactical experiments. Religion…well couldn’t be. It’s a blind trust in something that may or may not be there. Like a trust fall off a cliff hoping there is a bounce castle at the bottom. Blind faith didn’t make sense to me. How can someone trust and believe in something that you can’t see or hear or feel?

Now I know many religious people will claim that they have heard the word of God or felt his presence when they were in need. But you know what, that is just word of mouth. You’re asking me to believe what you say? That’s just as bad as believing the internet. Yes there are true stories on the internet but not EVERYTHING is true. After you sift through the false claims, and bogus stories, you can find hard evidence.

That’s what I feel about religion and God. Religious people can make reference to historical events saying that “see this is exactly what it says in the bible.” or “the bible predicted this will happen, and these events look strikingly similar.” Is that just a coincidence or is it true? No one can say for certain. And I can’t believe in that. I want to know what’s real and what I can grasp within my hand and understanding. Faith just is not that.

I am Atheist.

However I do believe in aliens and ghosts and life after death (as coming back as another human on earth) Why? Well because I have experienced all of that. I have seen aliens, I have seen a shadow person, and I have had a close call with death. Now you don’t have to believe me because, well just like I said, it’d be word of mouth. I’m not asking anyone to believe in what I believe, or lack in belief.

Which brings me to the misconception that Atheists will try to say every religion is wrong. People like to point fingers at us and say that we try to belittle everyone’s faith and bash on God. WHAT?! I can tell you right now, my boyfriend and his family are faithful Christians. My grandmother is Catholic, some of my close friends are religious…but, some of my friends and family are agnostic and even atheist like me.

Let me say this loud and clear, I DON’T CARE! And let me clarify this, It’s not that I don’t care about the way you feel about religion, I don’t care that you are religious. I don’t care that you’re not religious. In fact I’m proud that you believe in something so strongly. YOU should feel proud. Just because I don’t happen to believe in what you do, you shouldn’t feel threatened or challenged.

I’m just a person. See me as a human being. Look at me as you would a friend, or family, or even a stranger. I’m not walking around with an anti-Christian tattoo on my forehead. I’m an intellectual human being that likes to talk about pop culture, science, and nerdy as hell geek stuff. Why should religion matter? Oh, you go to church on Sunday? Cool, I go on hikes on Sunday. Oh, you pray at certain times of the day? Nice! Well I like to nap every day at 2pm. Every single person is entitled to their belief.

What I have strongly believed in as a kid and what I completely live by now, are morals. Good morals. That is the foundation of what makes a person who they are. What you are taught is right and wrong as a kid and what you have learned as an adult. Our parents can teach us so much, or unfortunately so little. But I would hope most parents want the best for their children and would want to teach them what it means to be a good person. And being a good person just because it the right thing to do. Not because if you don’t you’ll go to hell. Or you’ll be disgracing a deity. Religion can so often scare as much as it can heal. As a kid, being told you have to be good or bad things will happen is scary. Especially if it’s something out of your power to control. A god deciding your fate because of mistakes or bad choices you make, it’s a lot to grasp as a child.

Teaching kids that there are consequences to your actions in terms of reality, makes sense. Don’t steal things or you can go to jail. Don’t hurt people because they have feelings too. Don’t be cruel to animals, they don’t have a voice like humans. All these lessons have REAL life scenarios to grasp for a child.

On the flipside, if you do good things, you’ll make yourself, as well as others, happy. What happened to opening the door for people because it’s polite? Or giving up your seat for an elderly person because you are more fortunate to be young and healthy? Or simply smiling to a stranger to make their life a little bit better? Religion can sometimes drive a person to do nice things, but for what? To have a place in heaven? To guarantee a one way pass to see God himself? What about the people on earth? Humans need kindness now more than ever. True, genuine kindness. Kindness with no strings attached.

I know I have a hard time with sharing kindness to people; I’ll be the first to admit that. Some people make me upset and just plain ashamed to be human. But when you reach out to those who really need kindness, it can be the most satisfying feeling ever. It can be more satisfying than thinking of it as “God, look! I’m being nice” Humans want affection and attention, it’s part of our nature. So why not connect with humans? Connect with people you can see and feel and hear. Be fortunate you have the luxury of being in your family and friends company. And be grateful for the love you receive.

I hope this clears things up about Atheism. I can’t speak for all Atheists though. There are bad apples to every religion. Some individuals make it hard to prove that the “evil-baby eating-atheist” stereotype is untrue. But I can only do what I can. I just want to walk on earth with a happy heart, and I want that for everyone else.


4 thoughts on “Atheist not Ignorant

  1. I agree with you sentiments, believing in anything religion wise is a personal choice and is not something that should become a problem between people. But of course as you and the world know, this is not the case. I just wish people would keep their religious and non-religious beliefs to themselves and be kind, as you say, for the right reasons..because it is the right thing to do. I never really latched on to the whole religion thing either, it seemed to far fetched in many ways, and the things people will say or do in the auspice of it being what their God says are horrible more than good. I open the door for people, smile at strangers and gladly give up my seat on the bus. Because it makes me happy and hopefully them too. You stated your feelings and thoughts very eloquently and with great clarity. Well done you! I like your post very much. Cheers, Michele

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      1. I do a thrifting blog and yet I have lots of other things I would like to say that are not thrifting related. Some people complain that I have veered off into recipes and strayed from my roots. Heck I have only been at this whole blogging thing for 6 months, so my roots aren’t that deep, although they are growing out and showing their grey. Sorry, couldn’t resist the bad joke. I would like to touch on subjects like the ones in your post, but I worry how people will react. I guess I just need more confidence in my readers and the general public that they can have an intelligent discussion or thought about this topic. But I think you are very brave to discuss what can be a very touchy subject with some people in such a clear and concise way. It was great to read and it has given me food for thought. Cheers, Michele

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      2. The thing is, I never really set strict lines on what I post. Yes it’s mostly about fashion and beauty but I’m also human. I have feelings other than what the next big fashion trend. And I want people to know that. Yes I like makeup and clothes (and thrifting!) but I also like talking to people about subjects of a deeper matter and have some real importance on who we are as people. I’m definitely not one dimensional and I hope my readers see that and appreciate it.


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