#OOTD Hawaiian Hipster

Another Pinterest inspired outfit. I recently went on another thrifting spree to my local Goodwill, and I came up on a TON of cute items! I think this Goodwill I went to was on the newer side because most of its clothes and accessories were on the newer side and haven’t been rummaged through yet. So I scored on some good quality thrifted pieces. Like this Hawaiian shirt! This is practically the same shirt I saw on Pinterest! It’s a size medium (men’s) so it is ever so slightly baggy on me but not too bad. I also found this belt at the Goodwill; just your average brown weaved waist belt but with a pretty cool buckle. It adds just a dash of detail.
Me and Ryan decided to treat our friend to a trip to Disneyland for his 30th birthday. We spent literally ALL DAY walking nearly 11 miles! We hit most of the good rides and a few smaller ones. It was a pretty fun day. Especially having someone else to hang with at our stomping ground lol.

Shirt: Goodwill | Shorts: American Apparel | Chucks: Kohl’s (Converse) | Belt: Goodwill | Bag: Kohl’s | Sunnies: Sheinside | Hat: Disneyland











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