#OOTD Smart Casual

I am on a thrifting roll! Can you believe I found such a great quality blouse at a thrift store?! It’s Forever 21 size small, so I’m assuming its meant to be boxy and bigger fit. I usually fit size medium in Forever 21 but this blouse, being the style it is, fits perfectly!
Since it was a bit warmer today, I decided to not layer this shirt and just wear it as is. Still cute though! I wanted to look like I’m headed to a nearby book club; modest, smart, yet casually comfortable. And check out that Tiffany blue nail polish!!
I also styled my pixie in a way I haven’t done before. I was going for a conservative natural hair headband look. Since it’s getting longer I’m able to twist the longer parts and bobby pin it behind my ear to give an illusion of a headband. Excuse the mullet in the last picture, I actually trimmed it after I took these pictures. No one like a mullet pixie…well at least I don’t!

Blouse: Goodwill | Jeans: Kohl’s | Oxfords: Thrifted | Belt: Goodwill | Purse: Kohl’s








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