Getting a Pixie Cut

So I thought I would tell you a little more in depth about what to ask for and what to expect from getting a pixie cut. The process can be complicated to explain to a hairdresser that may not be skilled in women’s short hair. So I am here to help you better explain what to ask for when getting you locks chopped.



So here we have what I like to call the G.I. Jane pixie cut. This is the shortest I have ever cut my hair. Now from my experience, before I cut my hair this short, it was pretty long but dyed. This G.I. Jane look is the result of me asking the hair dresser to cut off all my dyed hair. To be honest, this was a lot shorter than I anticipated at first but I soon grew to love it.

  1. Always get a “dry cut.” Whenever I get my hair cut, I always get it “dry cut” Which basically means no shampoo or sopping wet hair when the hair dresser cuts your hair. They might use a spray bottle to dampen the hair but its usually not completely soaked. This allows you to see how short your hair will look when its dry. If you’re unaware of shrinkage, basically it’s when you get your hair cut wet, you dry it, and it turns out 10 inches shorter than you thought was.
  2. Ask for a scissor cut. If you have long hair or even a bob, and your not 100% for clippers, ask for a scissor cut. Scissor cuts are far more forgiving and the hairdresser will usually cut off less than you want. Which is great because you can get a better idea of how much more you want cut off or if the length is right where you want it.
  3. The “Inch.” Now my hair here is about and “inch.” and I say this term loosely because a hairdressers inch may be different from your inch. Its all about perspective.

Now when cutting your hair to achieve this look, I would opt for “shorter on the nape, and on the sideburns” If you want to get really technical you can say you want a low fade on the back of your head and structured sideburns or even faded sideburns. Now this isn’t so much a skin fade like most guys get, but you’re more than welcome to get that. But for this look this is on the longer side of a fade. I would say about a “4” at the very bottom and an inch toward the top or “cowlick” (‘4’ meaning the guard length on clippers)

As far as the nape of the neck goes, you can ask for it to be cut in a round shape, and squared shape or like me, a pointed shape. The pointed shape is very feminine and takes away the excess neck hair that may make you look like a boy.

My tips for styling:

  • Got 2 be Glued, spiking wax. Strong hold wax great for molding. You can use this to spike up the front for a fohawk or brush down for more a humble sophisticated pixie like shown in my above pictures.
  • Let air dry. No need to really dry such short hair. If you have a weird cowlick then train it with a boar bristle brush to flatten it out to your desired shape, or style. But if you want to dry your hair, just “train it” by combing your hair in the direction you want to style it and blow dry it in the same direction.


Now we are entering the stylish pixie phase. Well every pixie is stylish. But this style is slightly different than the above. Below is how my hair looked when it started growing out. My “bangs” or top of my head is getting longer but I am still keeping the length short on the sides and back. Same tips apply here as far as getting a “dry cut” so that you can see how much your hairdresser is cutting off. But here are a few new tips:

  1. Try clippers! Now that you but your hair super short, to keep up the shape just ask for a clipper cut! Its a lot faster than getting a scissor cut. for my hair the shortest I asked for was a “4” which is pretty short.
  2. Still keep that low fade! Now don’t make the mistake I did and let your boyfriend cut your hair and bring that clippers up to almost the top of your head. If you want to get that nice pixie shape or full on top “shaggy” look, keep the clippers low. I basically told my stylist to not use the clippers past the middle of my ears. So imagine a line from the middle of one ear connecting to your other ear. DONT CLIP PAST THAT LINE! once you clip that little section of your nape, ask your hairdresser to fade the remaining hair with scissors. Or texture scissors so it reduces the choppiness. THIS WILL GET RID OF THE DREADED PIXIE MULLET
  3. Still keep the pointed nape. Everything is up to you but for my pixie, I always keep the pointed nape. I just like the way it looks on me. But you may have to shave (with a razor) your neck to keep that peach fuzz from messing with your look.

Styling tips:

  • Style Sexy Hair products. Big Sexy Hair has a line of spray clays/waxes that I just love! They are easier to work with than pomade wax because your just spraying it into your hair. Straighten your bangs forward, channel your middle school emo persona for this. Then just lift the top “bangs” of your pixie, spray at the roots, and then mess up with your fingers. Just mess with it. You’ll get that perfect “rolled outta bed” look!
  • For waves, use a mini flat iron and “c” curl your bangs in different directions. I would still use the spray clay, but you can use curling mousse while wet and blow dry on low to give a pixie version of beach waves.
  • For a “body wave” or just a big pushed out of my face look, use a hair brush and blow-dry your front “bang” up and sideways. Make it look like a literal ocean wave.



Now if you just absolutely love your pixie cut and wish to stick to the top two looks, GREAT! Rock that pixie! This phase was probably my favorite. My pixie was at the perfect length, It was so much fun to rock and style! It would only take me a few minutes to do so naturally I began to get more into makeup. Not because I felt less feminine. But I actually had time to get dolled up! I’ve always loved makeup but having long hair took up most of my morning routine.
However after a year and a half of my pixie, I decided I wanted to grow it out to a bob. I’ve had a bob before and I think it looks great on me. However I’m not desperate to grow out my short hair. I’m having fun with it. Still learning everyday what looks good on me and different ways to style it.

  1. Still keep that dry cut!
  2. Tell your hairdresser that you are growing out your pixie. That’s the first step to shaping the look of your growing out pixie. We all want that graceful growing out look, no bowl cuts here! So keep the top of your head, or bangs long. Let them catch up to the sides of your hair. This may take a while. So in the meantime, keep getting side and neck trims to bypass mullet phase. Or you can let the sides grow out and start tucking them behind your ear. But definitely keep cutting that nape.
  3. Ask for a “Stacked Bob.” Now your hair might not be as long for a bob, but a stacked bob is basically a way to cut and shape the back of your hair to get rid of chunkiness and choppiness. You don’t want to look like a mushroom. So a stacked bob will lighten the look of the back of your head.stacked pixie.png

Some Styling tips:

  • Push your bangs forward for a messy pixie look. You can use a combination of the previous styling products.
  • Or push bangs up and out, once again, for a big body wave!
  • Dry Shampoo will be your friend. I try not to wash my hair too much but I work out and practice yoga practically every day. For those of you who sweat less,  use dry shampoo and a silk pillow/bandana to increase the longevity of your styled pixie for more than one day.


Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c2 preset

So this is where we start to see more of the mini bob coming through. I have stopped cutting my sideburns and top of my hair completely. And this is where patience comes in. Like I said, I’m not in a rush to make my hair grow faster. I’m not taking insane amount of vitamins or pills. I’m eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and drinking a lot of water. And that’s the best you can do. My hair has been improving. You can see the natural hair color and I love it! Light brunette (for a Mexican) with naturally sun kissed highlights. I’ve totally missed my natural hair color. And that’s also what I have decided; not to dye my hair again. I know I’ll miss the crazy colors but this natural and strong hair is so much nicer!

Processed with VSCOcam with c9 preset

Now the below picture you can see that little dreaded pixie mullet! This picture was RIGHT BEFORE I went to the hair salon and had them cut it off. Basically the same way I have been. A stacked bob look. I do ask for the top most layers on the back of my head to stay long. I don’t want to loose length. Think of it as a mini stacked bob. Eventually when my front bangs get to about my chin I will stop getting that stacked bob and get more of an A-Line bob. You can even get bangs at that point. Anything really that feels good for you.



This is where I am now. Long bangs and a mini bob. I love it! I can’t wait to see how a normal bob looks. The last time I got my hair cut was the very end of February. I don’t think I’ll be needing a nape cut now that my hair is almost the same length.

How I style this:

  • I use a semi rounded brush and create volume by blow drying my top most layers up and curled in.
  • To keep that hold, I will set my hair in large Velcro rollers as I work on other parts of my hair.
  • I will straighten my tiny nape hairs so they lay flat against my head.
  • And my bangs, same blow drying technique.
  • After everything is cooled, I take out the rollers,  spritz my roots with spray clay and a dust of Girl Powder (or any volumizing dust) and mess it up.
  • For extra poof, tease and hairspray roots and then smooth the top.

Processed with VSCOcam with e5 preset


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