Weekend Highlight

Good Monday morning tea-fanciers! Don’t worry, I’m not excited either about Monday morning either. But I will say that I had a great weekend that I wish never ended. I hope you all had one of those weekends too! I know Beyond Wonderland was this weekend, I hope you all had a good time at that if you went! However, I didn’t go but I did swing over towards LA!

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Some of you might not know, but I work at an animal shelter and we are full access. Meaning, we take in anything and everything dead (sadly) or alive. Friday started off with a pleasant surprise from this little guy who decided to follow my coworker into the shelter. We aren’t sure how old it is but it’s definitely a baby. It had already imprinted on humans so that’s why its so content with being held. We plan to rehabilitate it until next spring when it should be old enough to be release back into the community.

I was feeling inspired by more youtube MUA’s an decided to rock some mauve eyes to LA.
After that, Ryan and I hit the city to see a comedy show at Nerdmelt in Los Angeles. If you aren’t aware of who Anna Akana is, you need to jump on the bandwagon. She is an actor/comedian/youtuber/podcaster/everything in between. I found her on YouTube and then her podcast. She is a witty comedian that’s not afraid to touch on sensitive subjects like politics or even her sisters suicide. We even got to meet her and talk with her and her boyfriend who is also a comedian/podcaster. She’s so nice and we can’t wait to see another one of her shows. FYI, she’s not THAT short, I had made the mistake of wearing my tallest heels to the show…so she looks like a munchkin to me and Ryan. After we hit up TATSU RAMEN…go! JUST GO! that place is life!
Saturday was Drones & Bowling Night! The boyfriend, his friend, and I decided to jump the fence of a middle school and fly drones around in the windy weather. It was so much fun! I didn’t think watching drones fly around and crash into things would be so hysterical, but sure enough we all couldn’t stop laughing. We ended up hitting the bowling alley alongside Ryan’s sister and brother. Can I say SORE! Are we old or what? I don’t remember ever feeling sore after bowling as a kid. But all our knees, backs, and wrists were hella sore after just an hour of bowling.


Sunday was relaxing. I did wake up for an aerial yoga class at 9:30am (which was SO much fun! I might quit the gym!) but after that just laid on the couch and watched food network all day. Thank my period cramps for that. Ryan decided to treat the whole fam to homemade acai bowls, and let me tell you, we might be opening shop!

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